Where Plumbing and Heating Coalesce

February 27th, 2023

Sometimes we get caught in the weeds with how we categorize our home comfort or utility systems. We’ve got our heaters, our air conditioners, our plumbing systems, and even our indoor air quality machines, but we rarely ever think of them together. But that’s not how they work in reality!

These systems are similar to the different systems that make up the human body. You’ve got the cardiovascular system, the nervous system, the digestive system, and all of them are responsible for a healthy human being. It would be silly to think of these as completely separate from one another, right?

Let’s look at how your heating and plumbing systems are intricately connected. This is why our team provides Lloydminster plumbing and heating services because we know how a trained professional can improve many of your home systems at once.

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What to Do When Encountering a Leak

February 13th, 2023

Don’t panic! Leaks happen all the time and they’re just a part of being a homeowner. Before you start looking up horror stories online of what happened to a house when a leak was discovered too late, we want you to think about the positives. You’re going to be happy that you discovered the leak, even if it’s taken a little while, and now you can take steps to ensure it gets fixed. Just detecting the leak is one of the hardest parts, so give yourself a pat on the back for making it this far!

Now, we need to talk about the next steps. Do you shut your water off? Should those experiencing a plumbing leak in Provost call for a plumber now, even if it’s dripping into a bucket? What if the leak is alongside an exterior wall, is it still okay?

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Bathroom Drains Vs. Kitchen Drains

January 30th, 2023

In many ways, drains are practically identical. They function in the same way no matter what room they’re in, and they’re always responsible for bringing wastewater to the sewer system where it can be processed at a water treatment plant. If your drains don’t do those basic functions, then something is definitely wrong!

However, the way we use our drains differs depending on the room they’re in. Shower drains, for instance, work a lot differently than sink drains. And bathroom sink drains are treated much differently than kitchen sink drains. And let’s be honest, we all know the difference between a toilet and a sink, and a toilet still counts as a drain!

So, what can you do to be a more responsible drain owner in your home? You can invest in drain cleaning by a team of professionals, but you can also utilize the following tips to ensure your bathroom drains are treated just as well as your kitchen ones.

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Does Flushing a Water Heater Help?

January 16th, 2023

The word “maintenance” means two different things depending on who says it. To an HVAC or plumbing professional like us, it refers to a specific service where our team inspects, adjusts, and maintains a water heater to keep it in good shape. This can include flushing the system and resetting it.

However, to homeowners, the word “maintenance” might mean some best practices that can keep it in good shape without opening the system up, flushing it, or doing anything that might damage it. The hand of a professional is going to be better at the first type of maintenance, while a homeowner is perfectly able to do the second type of maintenance.

Well, today we’d like to talk about flushing the water heater as one of the best “regular” things that can be done for it. It might help reduce the amount of water heater repairs in Maidstone over the next few years as well!

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One Neat Trick to Avoid a Frozen Furnace

December 19th, 2022

When temperatures drop very low, sometimes it can be a wonder that our furnace systems are working down in our basements or crawlspaces. Especially when temperatures drop to record lows, it almost feels like a miracle that this box in the basement is working hard to keep your home comfortable and efficient.

But what if it stops working? Is that something you should be worried about? A furnace breakdown is indeed a possibility, but there are a lot of things that have to go wrong before it gets to that point. Even when your furnace breaks down or freezes up, you can rely on us for furnace repair in Lloydminster to get it up and running again.

In the case of an extremely cold basement, how do we make sure that your furnace doesn’t get caught in the cold and freeze up, causing the rest of your home to get too cold? We’ve got one surprising solution that only a professional would know how to implement.

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The Five Rules of Holiday Plumbing Prevention

December 5th, 2022

A lot of homeowners do their fair share of cooking during the holiday season. It’s a great way to warm up your house and make everyone hungry and ready to eat at the table. Homemade soup, a bowl of pasta, or a roast chicken will go a long way in giving fond memories of togetherness and a great meal well shared. However, that’s going to go from a cozy memory to one of frustration if your pipes aren’t well protected.

We don’t want to get in the way of anyone’s holiday plans this year. In fact, we want to make whatever holiday plans you do have easier by helping to protect your plumbing in Lloydminster from drain clogs, leaks, and other issues that can otherwise ruin the holidays.

Let’s go over five rules of plumbing prevention to protect your drains and keep your plumbing system in ideal shape.

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What Spray Foam Insulation Can Do for You

November 21st, 2022

Insulation is a word that’s tossed around in the HVAC industry a lot, but homeowners might have a different idea of what it is. We insulate a lot of things, from pipes to walls, and it’s important to know the difference between them. We even use insulation to keep ourselves warm during chilly days, hence why you might put on a thick jacket instead of just wearing a t-shirt when you go outside.

The truth is that insulation comes in many different forms, and it’s up to a professional to know which is going to be best suited for certain situations. For many homes in Lloydminster, spray foam insulation is going to do a better job of keeping heat inside than other types of insulation. Down below, we’re going to cover why spray foam insulation is so good at what it does, and why time and time again we choose it to help keep our customers’ homes energy efficient and comfortable.

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End of the Year Plumbing Checklist

November 7th, 2022

How is your plumbing system working? If your answer to that question is “great,” then we’re happy for you! And, if your answer is “not great,” then you know that we’re always available to address your concerns. Our team is full of skilled plumbers, from journeymen to master plumbers who can help diagnose problems, replace faulty components, and set things right for the months to come.

Now that we’re entering into the wintertime soon, it’s important to do a brief check of your plumbing system. Are things prepared to brace for the cold that’s inevitably coming our way? Our team can help with this if you’d like to schedule a plumbing maintenance appointment, but the truth is that a lot of this can be done yourself. As long as you’ve got eyes, ears, and a notepad in front of you, you can design your own checklist to help your plumbing in Lloydminster, SK!

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5 Spooky Sounds Coming From Your Furnace

October 24th, 2022

It’s spooky season! Time to bring out the pumpkins, the scary costumes, and the decorations, and have a blast watching those horror movies on the big screen.

Though, one of the most spooky things that could happen to you this season, is waking up in the middle of the night to a strange sound. If you follow the sound and find out that the source is the big metal box in your basement, then you might have an issue with your furnace. These sounds are (likely) not ghosts haunting your home, but instead the sound of a malfunction taking place inside of your furnace.

What do you do? Do you try to ignore the problem? Do you look up a DIY solution online? Or perhaps you call our team for furnace repairs in Lloydminster, SK? Well, you should always call our team for help, but here are a few explanations as to what might be happening.

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October Is the Month for Heater Maintenance!

October 10th, 2022

Temperatures are finally starting to cool down, and we’re in for some chilly nights this October! This is usually good news, since most of us are used to snuggling up with warm blankets and hot drinks, while letting our heating systems take good care of us. However, if you think that your system is going to be perfectly fine without a maintenance tune-up, then we’d like you to reconsider.

Heating maintenance in Lloydminster, SK is one of the most important services you can get done for your home comfort. We’re going to talk about specifics below, but it’s a great way to keep efficiency levels high, your home warm and cozy, and minimize potential problems down the line. Our heating systems, from furnaces to boilers, are designed to be maintained, and that maintenance can go a long way.

Keep reading, we promise you’ll understand how important maintenance is by the end of this blog!

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