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3 Ways to Guard Your AC From the Elements

See what we did there? We’re not called Guardian Plumbing & Heating Ltd. for nothing!

All jokes aside, this really is a serious issue for homeowners in our neck of the woods. We deal with a lot of precipitation that more arid climates don’t, and with that comes thunderstorms, gale-force winds, and huge fluctuations in temperature that can be terrible for your AC’s outdoor cabinet. We like to think that a little steel box can withstand the elements, but nature proves us wrong time and time again.

Before we get started on some tips to help protect your system, nothing can help like calling a pro for air conditioning service in Provost, AB. If you notice a dent, or a strange noise coming from the outdoor cabinet of your air conditioner, you’ll always want one of our professionals by your side to take a look.

That being said, let’s get to the good stuff.

Get a Cover for the Winter and Storms

One of the first basic things you can do for your air conditioner is to invest in a high quality cover for the outdoor cabinet. This can be anything from a nice tarp, to a specifically designed cover that’s going to fit snuggly over the system.

Take note, these are absolutely not for when your AC is on. Your AC needs proper ventilation when it’s running and a cover will hinder that. However, if you notice a powerful storm is approaching or you want it to remain in good condition throughout our long and arduous winter season, a cover is the perfect solution.

They come in all shapes and sizes. You can even ask our team to recommend a brand and we’ll give you the ones we trust!

Schedule AC Maintenance

Air conditioning maintenance is not just relegated to the inside of your home. We also check the outdoor cabinet (in fact, a good half of all our maintenance procedures take place on the outdoor cabinet of your system), which is why maintenance can be an awesome protective measure to take.

We’ll detect if there are any critters in your system, if pebbles or sticks have gotten lodged inside, or if anything is unaligned. These are easily fixable and we can do most of these quick fixes during our maintenance appointment!

Keep the Area Clean!

One good rule of thumb we tell homeowners is to clean about two feet around your air conditioner’s outdoor cabinet. This is because the system needs adequate ventilation when it’s working, and that airflow needs to be unrestricted. If you’ve got boxes, toys, or debris surrounding your system while it’s trying to cool your home, you’re going to see some problems with efficiency and perhaps even encounter your air conditioner overheat.

Take an outdoor broom or put on some gloves and just clear around the system. Make sure you rake any leaves away and hose things down so dirt, dust, pebbles, and sticks are washed away as well. You’ll thank us later for this advice!

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