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3 Reasons to Invest in Preventative Drain Cleaning

Monday, September 13th, 2021

Drain cleaning is something that we talk about regularly on this blog. We’re plumbers, and we’re sorry for sounding redundant, but plumbers like to talk about plumbing! You’ve probably experienced this firsthand if you have any friends or family that are master plumbers. It’s in our blood, so try to give us a break!

However, there’s one more important word we’d like to focus on for this blog, and that’s “preventative.” Drain cleaning can often be purchased when your drains are clogged, but homeowners rarely call us for drain cleaning in Provost, AB to prevent clogs. But this might be the best use for this service!

Today, we’d like to talk about how drain cleaning can prevent clogs from building up in the first place. We’ll discuss with you the advantages of signing up for regular drain cleaning services and why that might be more beneficial (and more affordable) than just calling us for drain cleaning when you need it.

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3 Reasons for a Restaurant to Invest in Drain Cleaning

Monday, August 2nd, 2021

It’s no secret that restaurants rely on their commercial plumbing systems in order to function properly. This isn’t just for the sake of convenience, it’s also vital for the health and safety of your establishment. If a safety inspector uses your restroom or checks the water from your sink and starts encountering backflow or consistent clogging, then you’re going to be in some serious trouble.

Let’s steer away from the horror stories of commercial plumbing in Lloydminster, SK and focus on the positives. It’s time to think of your commercial plumbing system as an investment. The more care and attention you pay towards it, the better professionals you hire for the job, the more likely you are to be able to focus on what matters.

In the case of a restaurant, you’ll get to focus on your food, your customers, and your bottom line, as you leave the toilets or sinks to us!

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Keep Your Plumbing in Good Shape

Monday, July 5th, 2021

We love talking about tips and tricks on this blog, because they save you money and generally keep plumbing systems in good shape. The worst thing we can stumble upon is a plumbing system that’s been neglected and homeowners that don’t really care about them. They deserve at least a little bit of attention every year, especially with how often we use them!

Don’t worry, DIY plumbing maintenance doesn’t have to be a complicated topic. In fact, it can take a few minutes tops if you get good at it! We’re going to talk about some of the best things you can do for your plumbing system on a reoccurring basis.

As long as you leave the complicated stuff for expert plumbing service in Marwayne, AB, feel free to try any of the following DIY fixes for your plumbing system. Just make sure you call us if you need any help or guidance!

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Are You Suffering From a Plumbing Leak?

Monday, June 21st, 2021

Plumbing leaks aren’t always easy to spot. Likewise, they can sometimes cause a tremendous amount of harm before a homeowner has really dealt with them the right way. Sometimes we’re called to help plug a leak after hours or days of a homeowner trying their best to do DIY repairs but to no avail.

Let’s help get your home back on track by talking about the absolute best way to detect a leak and get it dealt with. This post is going to combine some best practices to help you notice a leak, as well as the best method for you to have it dealt with. Here’s a hint, it almost always includes calling us for plumbing services in Provost, AB.

Only the steady hand and high-tech equipment of a trained professional will be able to easily, quickly, and effectively deal with a plumbing leak of any magnitude.

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The Guardian Angle #7 – Episode 6 Toilet Maintenance

Tuesday, May 18th, 2021

How would you like it if you found out that you were throwing $100.00 down the toilet everyday? I bet you would like it to stop! I can help!

Blaine here for Guardian Plumbing and Heating. Excited to bring you another Episode of the Guardian Angle. These videos are for you, our customers. They are not intended to be heavy, technical, install your own equipment tutorials, but alternatively, easy to understand tips about things that most people can do to protect their homes and increase the life of all their Plumbing and heating equipment.

One of the greatest feelings in life is that first time the baseball bat connects with the ball, and I’d have to say one of the worst feelings in life is getting hit in the head with a baseball. Araeya gets to experience the highs and lows all in the course of 3 seconds. Kind of like the great feeling of knowing you have the security of an amazing appliance like a toilet in your home, and then getting the bill from the city for several hundred dollars cause it has been dribbling your hard earned money down the drain for a couple weeks!

Toilets have many parts to them, which means they have potential for many things to fail. We are going to address (3) things about your toilet. 1) How to shut off the water 2) How to find out if I have a leaky toilet  3) What not to put in your toilet

The first thing your going to want to know is how do I shut the water off. On a typical toilet  you will find the shutoff valve on the left hand side, either coming out of the wall or floor. If yours does not have a valve, you will want to have one installed otherwise if you have a problem you will need to shut off water to your entire home.

The second problem that will cost you a lot of money is if your toilet is leaking. The number one usage of excess water in home is a leaky flapper. Flappers are made out of rubber and over time in the chlorinated water they can crack, or become distorted no longer sealing against the porcelain. Sometimes this leak is so small you can barely tell its happening. We have special dye tests or you can use food colouring to test out the flapper. Start by removing the tank lid and put a few drops or tablets into the tank.  Wait for 15 minutes to half an hour and if the colour is still in the tank and you don’t see any moving into the bowl you know that your flapper is sound. If you see small streaks of colour starting to make their way into the bowl, it is time to replace. The other thing that can happen, is if the level is set to high or the float gets stuck, the water can rise and pour over the overflow tube. You can visibly see this as we have simulated. Here you need to lower the water level by adjusting the float.

The last thing we want to talk about with toilets is what not to put in them. First don’t use in tank chemicals to clean them. These harsh chemicals can prematurely degraded the plastic and rubber parts and we have seen home flooded because of this. Just use your toilet bowl cleaner and brush on a regular basis.

While we are here, just a reminder do not flush wipes (even the ones that say flushable) paper towels, cotton balls, q-tips, medication, diapers, grease, food, hair. Basically the toilet is for 2 products, and you naturally produce them both, other than toilet paper everything else put in the garbage.

Toilets are one of the most amazing inventions, but if not maintained they can cause a lot of damage and expense. At the current water rates here in Lloydminster, a toilet with a leaky flapper can waste upwards of 6000 gallons per month, costing you close to $100 extra. If the flapper were to stick wide open, it could be $100 a day! The City of Lloydminster has installed new smart meters so they are able to notice if your water consumption has changed drastically and will let you know so you can find and address it. We also have a new product called a Moen Flo that will notify you in case of leaks and even shut off your water if necessary

Here at Guardian Our top priority is building trust and integrity through lifetime partnerships that meet our customers needs. This is accomplished through a WOW experience for our customers consisting of honesty and fairness, exceptional technical knowledge, reliable, efficient products and a commitment to excellence. One of the key ways we fulfill this mission is through the Guardian Protection Plan our protection plan includes Annual Maintenance included, 20% Discount on repairs, 24 Hour Priority Service and industry leading Lifetime Warranty life time warranty, silver and gold logos on Recommended Repairs. Thank you for spending some of your valuable time with us today. We hope that this information serves you well!

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And that’s how we saw things today from the Guardian Angle!

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Stay Far Away From Drain Chemicals

Monday, May 10th, 2021

This is a pretty important thing we need all of our customers to be aware of. Think of this like a public service announcement by the professional plumbers of Lloydminster. We don’t just focus on drain cleaning in Lloydminster, SK, we also focus on helping homeowners keep their drains in good condition.

If you’ve ever thought about buying one of those bright, colorful bottles of chemical drain cleaner from the grocery store, then you’re not alone. There’s a huge market for these chemicals, and a lot of homeowners have their cabinets stocked full of them. It doesn’t really matter which brand you’ve chosen, you’ve most likely chosen wrong.

Let us explain—chemical drain cleaners are a terrible idea for a number of different reasons. We’ll get into those reasons below. And, if you’re looking for a better solution for your drain clog, then we’ve got that as well. Just keep reading!

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Are Your Drains Starting to Slow Down?

Monday, April 26th, 2021

Think about your drains like a race. Wastewater should go from point A to point B in the fastest, most efficient way possible. When something starts causing your drains to slow down and lose the race towards your sewer system, something is wrong.

We’re here to talk about slow drains. We’ll go into detail about what they mean, why they can be a big problem, and what our team usually does about them. No home is identical to the next, so the solution might be dependent on the type of home you have and your specific drainage system. But, we can promise you that there’s no better team to call for plumbing in Lloydminster, SK than Guardian Plumbing & Heating Ltd.

There’s a very good reason why we’re known as “Lloydminster’s Plumbing and Heating Authority.” Keep reading as we address the problem with your slow drains.

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Are Your Frozen Pipes Starting to Thaw?

Monday, March 15th, 2021

If you haven’t given your frozen pipes a thawt since the colder days, then you might want to. Pardon our cheesy humor, but it’s important to remember that those frozen pipes will thaw and they’re going to start leaking water from where there was ice. What can you do?

Well, when it comes to plumbing in Vermilion, AB, you can always call our team. They don’t call us Lloydminster’s plumbing and heating authority for no reason! But also, while you wait for our plumbers to arrive and fix your new problem, there are a few things you can do to mitigate damage and keep your home safe.

Remember—burst pipes can start leaking a lot of water depending on the size of the rupture. It’s important to survey the damage so you’re prepared for what’s to come and so that you’re not surprised by any new problems ahead.

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A Good Relationship with Your Plumber Is Important!

Monday, March 1st, 2021

How many people do you let into your home on a yearly basis that you don’t like, or have serious problems with? Sure, maybe you’ve got a family member that’s a little hard to get used to, or a friend that’s rough around the edges, but your home is your sanctuary. You should actually like the people the go there and perform work that you need.

A plumber is no different. If you’re catching yourself groaning every time you call for plumbing service in Kiscoty, AB then you’re doing something wrong. Or, if you think that a smart or technical-minded plumber is going to be mean, dishonest, and obnoxious, then you’re also wrong. There are seasoned plumbers who are great to get along with, like the ones on our team!

Let’s talk about some of the benefits you get when you work with a plumber that you actually like while forming a lasting relationship.

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Don’t Let Your Pipes Freeze, Rupture, and Burst

Monday, February 1st, 2021

Things get cold here in Lloydminster this time of year. We’re not exaggerating, and anyone who thinks there’s nothing wrong with a little dip in temperature clearly hasn’t dealt with burst pipes this year. As temperatures drop, the water in your plumbing system could start to freeze up. Especially pipes that are on the outside of your home, they run the risk of freezing, expanding, and rupturing your pipes.

But wait, that’s not the end of it. Rupture pipes could then start profusely leaking water as warmer temperatures hit and the ice thaws, so this kind of problem is really two problems in one! That’s why it’s so important we talk to homeowners about preventing this kind of issue.

Take it from the experts on plumbing in Lloydminster, we know exactly how you can prevent frozen pipes and everything that comes with it. Just make sure you call us if you think your pipes are starting to freeze and you’d like to deal with them head-on.

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