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3 Signs You Could Use Sewer or Drain Cleaning

Sewers aren’t really the most glamorous topic to talk about on this blog. Believe us, we’d rather talk about going fishing or fun quarantine projects, but how about we cover the important stuff first?

Sewers and drains need to be cleaned on a periodic basis so that you’re never suffering from the extreme plumbing problems they can cause. A backed-up sewer system or busted septic tank is going to spin your head around with the problems it can cause. That’s why we’re going to talk about signs that scream the need for drain and sewer cleaning in Lloydminster. As long as you’re vigilant and you know a thing or two about what to look for, we promise the problem won’t get as bad as you might think.

For those who do encounter drain and sewer issues, remember to call us—Lloydminster’s plumbing and heating authority—for fast and friendly service.

Sign #1: Check for Leaks

What does a drain or sewer cleaning service have to do with leaks? Well, in the case of septic tanks and other sewer systems, the more backed up it gets, the more likely you are to experience sewer or septic leaks. These can be awful to experience.

For starters, you might notice more lush grass on your lawn. While that’s pretty aesthetically pleasing, the reasoning behind it is not good news. Your lawn will ingest the leaking waste material as fertilizer, which will usually be accompanied by smells we won’t get into. Basically, when your sewer or septic system is cleaned out, it’s less likely to clog and leak, and you’re more likely to be happy!

Sign #2: Constant Back-Ups and Clogs

What happens when you skip out on sewer, septic, or drain cleaning? Well leaks can develop, and you could start dealing with a slew of unwanted issues—but most importantly, the system will clog! Clogs happen after years and sometimes months of neglect when things are flushed into the sewer system. Eventually fats, oils, greases, waste, paper, and other materials can bunch up and form clogs that then make your life a lot more complicated.

Clogs can be noticed when your toilet, drains, or other systems connected to the sewer don’t flush properly. If you’re seeing an upheaval of all the sewer appliances in your home, then you’re likely dealing with a clog.

Sign #3: Odors and Other Problems

Backups can lead to the spread of foul odors, the need for additional plumbing maintenance and repiping, and much more. Generally, if your sewer system is starting to give you trouble, then think of sewer and drain cleaning as a preventative measure that will make your life a lot easier.

Guardian plumbing is blessed with an immense team of over 30 employees who know exactly how to clean a sewer or septic system. We’re big enough to provide the necessary cleaning services you require, while small enough to still be local and care about your budget. If you’re trying to support a team that’s been in the community since 2010, who always gets the job done, and is more likely to be composed of friends and neighbors, then call our plumbers today.

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