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No, You Don’t Need to Use Drain Chemicals

Drain cleaning chemicals are everywhere these days. They’re seemingly always changing up the formulas, adding “new and improved” to the bottle labels with shiny colors in hopes that you’ll purchase them. At this point, even pharmacies have a whole aisle devoted to them, which is why we find the need to write this kind of blog post every once in a while.

Drain cleaning chemicals are bad. Not just as the “we don’t like them,” kind of bad, but in the “they don’t work and they can do more harm than good” kind of bad. As we’ll explore down below, drain cleaning chemicals can ruin the lining of your pipe, cause numerous health problems for you and your family, and they barely even work in the first place. If you need drain cleaning in Vermilion, AB, then you’re almost always better off calling our team for specialized drain clearing support.

Health Hazards

Not only will chemical drain cleaners eat away at the pipes in your plumbing system, but they’ll also cause numerous health problems for you and your family. Here are just three things you might want to consider when deciding whether or not to purchase a bottle of chemical drain cleaner solution, or to call our team for help.

  • Fumes in the air. When you pour chemicals down your drain, they often don’t just disappear. They can linger and release fumes in the air which can stay around for hours to even days. These can be extremely disorienting and lead to headaches or nausea.
  • Chemical burns and skin rashes. When you come in contact with some of these chemicals, they can injure you by causing chemical burns or rashes. Some people might even be allergic to these chemicals which can set off a whole set of other reactions as well. Basically, you should never put yourself in a situation where you might accidentally splash such a harmful solution on yourself.
  • The fear of ingestion or inhalation. Having these chemical bottles around can be nerve-wracking for parents of small children. These chemicals are never to be ingested or deeply inhaled by anyone, and children can’t read those labels or understand their harm. Instead of trying to lock them away, just avoid them altogether.

They’re Bad for the Environment

If you’ve got a leak in your sewer line or plumbing system, that can be pretty bad. Chemical drain cleaners can make that a lot worse, though.

These chemicals are hazardous to the environment. If they ever leak from your plumbing system into an environment that’s not a waste treatment plant, they can poison plants, kill critters, and be devastating to your garden or property.

They Barely Even Work

Last but definitely not least, chemical drain cleaners barely even work at all. They might react with the clogging material in your drain, but they might not. In fact, half of the time they just react with the lining of your pipes and cause your plumbing system to corrode instead of the drain-clogging chemicals.

Avoid this altogether by calling our team for support. We use natural and powerful drain cleaning solutions like hydro jets and other industrial plumbing gear.

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