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3 Reasons You Might Need a Furnace Fix

Furnaces are reliable heating systems in our area. So many homeowners depend on hot-air furnaces that are powered either by electricity or natural gas, so it makes sense that you might be vigilant about a budding problem in your unit. Furnaces that start developing problems are going to put out less heat and they’re probably going to cost more in the long run, so the faster you get your system repaired, the better!

There’s a good reason why we’re referred to as “Lloydminster’s Plumbing and Heating Authority,” and that’s because we know exactly how to help a homeowner with a furnace problem.

Let’s focus on three specific issues that might be occurring in your furnace, and why our team can help you with heating repair in Lloydminster, SK. For any additional questions, or if you think you might have a furnace issue that’s unique and different from the ones listed, then don’t hesitate to call us!

The Furnace Is Giving Off Foul Odors or Strange Noises

We’d like to talk about the most pressing issue first, since safety is always the first priority with us. A gas furnace that’s putting out strange smells through your air vents, or that’s making disconcerting noises is always going to be an issue that you want to be fixed by a professional.

Not only could the furnace be about to break down or run into additional problems, but your system could have a crack in the heat exchanger and it could be leaking flammable gas or dangerous fumes.

Gas is one thing that could leak from your furnace, but another could be carbon monoxide which is dangerous to have in your home in any amount. Make sure that you get your gas furnace the attention it deserves when these problems arise, and remember to treat an electric furnace with the same level of care and urgency!

It’s Not Providing Your Home With Quality Heat

Your home deserves to have quality heat that keeps you warm and cozy throughout the winter. If your furnace is starting to wane in effectiveness, then you’re likely dealing with an issue that needs to be fixed.

Set your thermostat to a mild temperature and see if the furnace can meet the demand. Then, try to see how long it has to run to meet that demand and compare it to your heating bills. If you’re noticing a trend of more fuel consumption, longer heating cycles, and poor temperature control, then your furnace is definitely in need of repairs.

Your Furnace Costs Too Much to Run

Every furnace system has an AFUE rating, which is the annual fuel utilization efficiency rating. This number is going to tell you the exact percentage of heat that comes from the fuel you burn. The closer this number is to 100, the more efficient the system is because it’s turning almost all of the fuel that’s burned into heat.

A gas furnace with an AFUE of 96 is a high-efficiency system. It should be able to heat your home at a low monthly cost. If not, or if you’re noticing that the system requires more fuel than you thought it would, then you might have a problem that needs to be fixed.

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