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3 Ways to Affordably Replace Your Heater

So, your heater barely made it through this winter and you’re concerned about next winter, right? That’s a viable fear to have. Next winter is going to be just as bad as this one, if not worse, and you need to be prepared. The first step towards better comfort and efficiency is realizing when your heating system is on its way out.

We’ve covered in other blogs ways to tell if your heating system needs to be replaced, so feel free to check those out if you’re on the fence about the condition of your heating system. Today, we’re going to focus on saving money when it comes to replacement, which is one of the most expensive heating services in Kitscoty, AB.

Let’s cover 3 distinct ways that you can save money on your next heating replacement bill, and what you can do today to get ready for this expenditure.

Three Ways to Save

Heating systems can be extremely expensive, there’s no real way around this fact. That being said, they can also be very affordable when selected for the right home and budget. The important thing as a homeowner is to know what you’re looking for, set your budget appropriately, and work with a team of trusted professionals that you know won’t try to upsell you on the latest and greatest heating technology.

Tax Credits on New Systems

In this instance, the government is actually on your side! Tax credits are proposed by the Canadian government to keep homeowners incentivized to choose more energy-efficient heating systems. This is one way that the local and federal governments regularly meet their environmental quotas.

Tax credits will change per year and depending on the available technology, so be sure to figure out what systems qualify for a tax credit and modify your budget accordingly!

Manufacturer Rebates

Manufacturers actually want you to replace your heating system, believe it or not. It’s more profitable for them to have you replace an old and outdated unit than it is for you to keep running an ancient, energy-inefficient system. So, in order to help homeowners achieve this goal, they offer rebates on their newest systems.

Rebates basically mean you pay the standard purchase price now, but get money back retrospectively when you let the manufacturer know that you’ve purchased their system. If you’ve got the budget to front the cost now but will need the money later for your next winter’s budget, we highly advise choosing a system that’s got a rebate.

Discuss Your Options With the Experts!

Our team is different from other HVAC providers. We’re not trying to upsell you or make you choose a system that’s out of your budget. We’ll be honest with you and help you choose your next heating replacement that keeps your budget intact.

Contact us for a comfort consultation and we’ll give you an honest opinion. We’ll even look around your home and measure your space, which should help us figure out which system would be right for the size and budget of your house.

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