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24 Hour Emergency Service Available


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5 Tips to Keep Things Cozy

Nobody wants to confront the fact that their heater might not keep their home warm enough every winter. We like to think that when we press the button and the heater turns on, that magically every inch of your home will now be comfortable, but that’s just not always the case.

Heaters have it rough up here, but luckily we don’t need to sit here and take it. While we would urge homeowners with serious problems occuring in their heating systems to call us for heater repair in Vermilion, AB, we’d also like to tell you that there are other things you can do.

Homeowners have a plethora of best practices that they can participate in to minimize fuel costs, improve the air quality of their home, and make things more comfortable. We’re always here to help, and if your heater needs an extra nudge, don’t hesitate to call us.

Staying Comfy Through Our Winters

We’re in a unique situation where our winters can be exceptionally brutal. On top of that, if your heater suffers a minor problem that impacts its ability to keep you comfortable, it can be a really panic-inducing situation. That’s why we’ve got some tips to help keep things comfy through the last few cold days of the year and the future.

  • Keep temperatures mild. If your heater is struggling and you’re waiting for repairs from our team or another contractor in the area, setting the temperature higher on the thermostat won’t help. In fact, it will probably make things worse. By keeping temperatures mild or low, you’re easing the burden on your heater so that it can keep going with a reduced chance of a breakdown.
  • Replace the air filter. The air filter is an important component to your heating system. The more clogged up it is, the less likely your system is to provide you with heated air. This is just the reality of the situation. So, clean out the air filter and see if it makes a difference!
  • Stock up on blankets, sweaters, and stay together! When your heater is struggling, there are still some great ways to keep warm with just blankets, sweaters, and snuggling up to watch a movie.
  • Move around. Movement causes our bodies to produce heat, regardless of how cold it is outside. If your heater is struggling and you’re looking for a quick way to warm up, going for a nice walk, doing some jogging, or even dancing is a great way to warm up and feel better!
  • Warm foods always do the trick. Do you know why soup is associated with the wintertime? Because nothing warms up a body and a soul like a wonderfully warm cup of soup! Those warm, family recipes always do the trick when your heater is struggling.

Call Us as Well!

Look, we’re not trying to tell you to avoid heater service. On the contrary! While you’re doing these things to warm up, you should also call our team to have your heater fixed so it can provide adequate warmth to your home.

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