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End of the Season Boiler Checklist

Boilers are durable if anything. Homeowners are often surprised when they call our team thinking their boiler is on their last legs, only to hear that it’s doing rather well and will last another 5 years pretty easily. It’s not magic, boilers are robust and designed to outlast other heating systems because they don’t focus on sending air through the vents. You’re never in need of air filter changes because the system doesn’t utilize air at all!

We’re going to provide a pretty thorough end of the season boiler checklist to ensure you’re taking appropriate care of your system. While our team performs expert boiler services in Lloydminster, SK, we can’t do everything by ourselves. You as a homeowner will be in charge of the interim for your system.

So, let’s talk about just a few things you can do for your boiler to ensure it lasts well into the future!

Let’s Help Your Boiler Last

Remember, with boiler systems, the name of the game is efficiency and durability. Your boiler might be a little rough around the edges in how it looks or how it runs, but as long as it provides you with quality comfort, doesn’t use too much fuel or energy, and it lasts a long time, then you’re good to go. So, here’s what you can do now that springtime is leading quickly into summer.

  • Check for leaks. A boiler system can leak throughout your home, because it revolves around using pipes full of water. If those pipes rupture due to temperature changes, neglect, or age, then you’re going to see water in your home. Water can lead to damage and mold growth, so it’s important to notice when your boiler is leaking. Jot this information down for a professional to fix.
  • Look at your monthly bill. If you’re paying more and more each month for heating costs, then you shouldn’t just be glad that the heating season is over. Soon that heating season will arrive again and you’ll be missing out. Call our team for repairs so we can improve the efficiency of your boiler.
  • Notice any noises or problems. Is your boiler making the sound of a kettle? Or perhaps it’s making a banging noise as it tries to heat your home? Any noises that your system makes are good signs that your boiler needs to be fixed.
  • Test your comfort. If your boiler isn’t keeping you comfortable, this isn’t good. Sure, you could ignore this problem and bundle up year after year, but what’s the point of having a heating system if it doesn’t heat your home? Call our team to have this issue addressed.
  • Schedule maintenance. Maintenance is a great way to have your boiler checked season to season to make sure it’s functioning in peak condition. If there’s anything wrong, or any expensive repairs that need to be made in the future, we’ll let you know during our inspection. Maintenance is always worth it, so if you haven’t scheduled an appointment yet, then we highly advise you do so!

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