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Your Furnace Needs Repairs If It’s Smoking

People have pretty different reactions when it comes to smelling smoke. Some people think of a late-night out camping and a campfire, and the smell brings with it fond memories. Other people can quickly become alert because smoke can mean fire somewhere it shouldn’t be. We’re not here to make you feel or think a certain way, we just want to make it clear that smoke coming from a furnace is never a good thing.

Yes, a gas furnace is burning materials to heat your home, but it’s a lot more complicated than that. Smoke isn’t as much of a byproduct from the combustion of natural gas, and smoke that comes from your furnace and into your home is a big problem. If you’re detecting smoke anywhere in your home, or even abundantly coming from the exhaust port then we urge you to call our team for furnace repair in Lloydminster, SK.

Why Smoke Doesn’t Abundantly Come From Natural Gas

When we burn wood, smoke is one of the primary contaminants that’s released. This is because wood has a lot of different materials that get instantly turned into carbon from the heat and are exhausted into the air. It’s a pretty good reason, aside from the inefficiency, for why we don’t use wood to heat our homes anymore. Wood fires are just very dirty and they come up with too much smoke.

When natural gas burns, it burns a lot cleaner than smoke. You’re not going to see a billowing plume of smoke coming from the exhaust. When we say natural gas is “clean-burning,” this is precisely what we mean. The byproducts of burning natural gas are usually water vapor, carbon dioxide, and carbon monoxide.

Therefore, if smoke is coming out of your vents, there’s something wrong!

Smoke Should Be Vented Out of Your Home

The minuscule amount of smoke that does come from the combustion process in your furnace should be jettisoned out through the exhaust port. You know the little exhaust vent on the side of your home? This is where all of the carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, water vapor, and smoke can be pushed out of your home so nothing toxic remains inside.

So, even when some smoke is created (perhaps the first time you run your furnace next year, it creates smoke from burning dust), it shouldn’t be inside of your home.

Here’s What to Do When You Encounter Smoke

Let’s say you’re at this blog post because your home is experiencing smoke from the vents that are connected to your gas furnace. What do you do then?

Well, first of all, you need to get your family out of the house and turn off your furnace. Something is clearly wrong and smoke can be a huge danger for homeowners. Smoke detectors can help you notice when this is happening so you don’t have to stay alert all the time.

Next, call our team for support. We can inspect your furnace and find the source of the problem. Then, we can fix it and figure out some next steps for you to follow.

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