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Guardian Angle EP#5 – Indoor Air Quality

Did you know?……There is someone that is poisoning the very air you breathe at home….. and It may not be who you think it is! (are you thinking of a video of a guy walking out of the bathroom?)

Blaine here for Guardian Plumbing and Heating. Excited to bring you our another Episode of the Guardian Angle. These videos are for you, our customers. They are not intended to be heavy, technical, install your own equipment tutorials, but alternatively, easy to understand tips about things that most people can do to protect their homes and increase the life of all their Plumbing and heating equipment.

Would you believe me if I told you, the very person that is poisoning your home is YOU…and your kids…and your dog! Not my dog?! Sounds like a country song!

Let me explain.

For years the construction on our homes was sturdy but not so efficient. It was a lot like this mask I made out of a pair of underwear! Basic protection from the elements. But it doesn’t wrench my beard!  With the rising fuel prices and our concern for greenhouse gas emissions we have become much more aware of making efficient homes. The best place to start for saving fuel and the environment is to prevent the heat or air conditioning from leaving the house. So we have become very good at sealing our homes. This has presented a new set of problems, it would be like putting a plastic bag over your head, you just can’t breath!

We now have extremely efficient homes but they are very unhealthy because we are not bringing in fresh air to replace the air that we have polluted with our breathing. CO2, our Pets, the VOC’s given off from furniture, carpet, viruses and gases like Radon are just a few of the contaminants we give off in our homes. Some people have tried to install an exhaust fan to pull polluted air out of the home, but if you take air out you have to bring air in to compensate or else you will create a vacuum in your home, Like the plastic bagwe talked about.  Many people will run a pipe into the return duct of your furnace and attempt to balance it out. Now all that heat you just paid for, you are blowing outside  and sucking in that -30º air in to make your house nice and drafty. 

The best solution for bringing fresh air into your home is to install an Air Exchanger. What is that, you may ask…. Basically it is an automatic window with a twist. As you push the hot, polluted air outside, the air exchanger also brings cold fresh outside air inside, through a box. As they pass each other the heat is transferred to the cold air and you recover some of the energy that you just paid for. 

The other benefit of this exchange is that in the winter the outside air is nice and dry, so it will de-humidilfy your home…. helping to prevent your windows from getting all frosted up and making a wet moldy mess!

There are many benefits to installing an air exchanger….. From fresh air, to creating a positive air pressure in your home and having control over air quality where you live. The latest information from the Public Health Agency of Canada on the best ways to prevent getting sick from virus’s is to have proper ventilation in your home. An air exchanger allows you to dilute the contaminated inside air with fresh, clean outdoor air. 

Call us for a free in home evaluation of your indoor air quality. We can offer you some no obligation solutions to create a safe and healthy Environment

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And that’s how we saw things today from the Guardian Angle! 

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