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Your Ducts Could Be Leaking!

Leaking ducts are a major problem, not just during the summer but for the entire year. If you’ve got a centralized air conditioning and heating system, chances are they both use the same set of ductwork. These ducts are your home’s veins, transporting the cool, comfortable air to the rooms where you can feel it. However, the more leaky your ducts are, the more uncomfortable your home will be.

We’re going to focus on some major aspects about duct repair in Lloydminster, SK. We’ll talk about what can go wrong when ducts are in disrepair, and we’ll also mention how homeowners can easily tell if they need this service.

This is an insidious problem that we feel homeowners should be more aware of. People can often be too quick to assume that their air conditioner is what’s really struggling, when the ductwork could be the culprit leaking all the conditioned air!

How Leaking Ducts Develop

When your heater turns on for the first time during the fall, your air ducts get an influx of warm air that changes the temperature. This drastic temperature shift can cause your air ducts to bend and shift, since warmth causes things to shrink and a decrease in temperature causes objects to expand. The constant expansion and shrinking of your duct material can loosen the seal on it and cause gaps, holes, and tears to develop.

No, this isn’t a unique problem to your home. This happens everywhere, and it’s just a consequence of having powerful comfort control in your own home. Eventually, every set of air ducts will contract and expand to this point unless you have them regularly maintained and sealed.

Detecting Leaking Ducts

It’s easy to detect leaking ducts. First, you’ll notice that your comfort isn’t where it should be. Some rooms might feel cooler than others in the winter and you may encounter very hot spots during the summer. Every time you get your air conditioner or heater maintained, a professional tells you that its in good shape. So what gives?

Depending on where the leak in your ducts is, you could be losing conditioned air in certain areas that leads to warm sections of your home. Likewise, you could see an increase in your energy bills as you turn the thermostat down even lower and still can’t feel the comfortable air come from your air conditioner. This cycle of frustration and poor comfort is only going to get worse as more and more air starts leaking from your air ducts.

Ducts in Disrepair

If your ducts are in disrepair, then you need to call for professional service. Contrary to popular opinion, duct tape is not a good material suited for repairing or sealing ducts. Only the help of a trained and certified professional will be able to fix this problem.

If you’re encountering hot spots, poor comfort control, or an increase in your bills, then you could be dealing with ducts in disrepair. Our phone lines are open and our team specializes in duct repairs so you don’t have to worry from here on out!

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