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5 Reasons Why Video Pipe Inspection Will Help You

Video pipe inspection is a blessing of the 21st century. Back in the day, plumbers had to actually pull your pipes apart to inspect the interior of them. This took a lot of time, was fairly intensive, and could lead to a host of problems in old plumbing systems that weren’t so easily disassembled. Luckily, technology has made things a lot easier and faster!

Introducing a camera pipe inspection! This type of service is only available by the best plumbing teams around. It uses a tiny camera mounted on an auger that can be sent into your drains to survey the damage of a clog, invasive tree roots, leaks, or more! If you’ve ever thought that your plumbing could use some expert reconnaissance, this is the tool for you! Just remember to call your local plumbing in Lloydminster if you need help with your plumbing needs.

Keep Your Plumbing in Good Shape

Camera pipe inspection is a non-invasive service that can help you get to the root of a plumbing issue. If you’re in the mood for keeping things as affordable and in-tact as possible, then this is the service for you. Let’s talk about what the benefits of it are!

1. Affordability

Compared to other plumbing jobs, camera pipe inspection is on the low end cost-wise. That’s because it’s simple and fast. The camera goes in your drain, surveys the damage, and comes back out. Once you’ve had this service done, you can then talk about what next steps need to be taken in order for your plumbing to go back to normal!

2. Get Results

Back in the day, a plumber would tell you what was wrong with your pipes and you just had to believe them. It was an awful way to do business, really. Today, with camera pipe inspection, you can physically see what’s wrong with your drain. Ask the plumber to show you what they’re seeing on the camera. This can help you when deciding next steps, so you can physically see exactly what needs to be done in order to fix your plumbing system.

3. Non-Invasive

Remember how we mentioned that in the old days, plumbers had to take apart a plumbing system to see its condition? Those days are over, and for good reason! Now, camera pipe inspection is a non-invasive way to get an inside look at your plumbing system. Don’t worry about any problems being caused by this.

4. Get It Done Fast

Video pipe inspection is a really quick and convenient service. It really only takes a few minutes to insert the camera and take a look at the problem. There are no screws involved, no intricate water flushing, just a simple one and done procedure! Expect that the plumber will be done in only a matter of minutes!

5. Thorough Reconnaissance

The important aspect of video pipe inspection is getting all the information you need to make a good decision. There’s simply no better way to know what your plumbing needs than to physically see the damage of invasive tree roots, a pipe leak, or a drain clog. This service is worth it’s weight in gold by just how much information you can gleam from surveying the interior of your pipes!

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