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24 Hour Emergency Service Available

24 Hour Emergency Service Available


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Emergency Boiler Install from the Guardian Crew

It’s unfortunate that we get so many calls from people who are unhappy with their hot water heating, it’s important to note that hydronic heating can be the most efficient, comfortable and accurate method of heating, if done correctly. The problem is that there are too many plumbers that do not understand “hydronics” and install equipment incorrectly and in the end the customer suffers. With hydronic heating, the system is just as important as the equipment. You need a professional to design and install your system to provide maximum comfort and efficiency. The best way to get this info is to ask your plumber for 3-4 references of people with a similar system as you! Your specialist should have no problem providing you with glowing reviews of the projects they’ve done! Like our friend Gordon Lamont: It is a treat to have Guardian Plumbing in the Lloydminster area.

After many years of dealing with other companies over boiler issues, Guardian Plumbing offers the full package of knowledge, workmanship and passion.
The Boiler Heating System they installed for our home came at a price, but, the products, technology and practices they offer are worth every penny.

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