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Could You Use a Backflow Preventer?

Backflow is one of the worst things a homeowner can experience. Imagine you’re trying to take a bath, and after you’ve filled the tub up with fresh water on your relaxing day off, it begins to fill with water that comes from the opposite direction. That’s what we call backflow, when water flows backwards from the direction it should be going. It’s unsanitary, unsafe, uncomfortable, and it makes everyone unhappy.

Luckily, there are answers out there to this kind of problem. As your local experts on plumbing installations in Lloydminster, SK, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to talk about how a backflow preventer works and how we can help you get this component in your plumbing system.

Preventative work is always a good call, and when it comes to the safety and security of your plumbing system, a backflow preventer can be an amazing way to keep things in good shape for years to come.

The Importance of Backflow Prevention

Since the word “prevention” is in the name, backflow preventers are mainly a way to prevent catastrophes from happening in the future. For instance, that wonderful day off you have planned where you want to take a bath, there won’t be any chance of a plumbing problem occuring and backflow entering your tub with the installation of a backflow preventer.

They do as their name suggests. They stop backflow from coming up through your pipe system. This happens by only allowing water to flow in one direction. If it senses that water is turning around and heading in the opposite direction, it will shut down and prevent water from flowing through your plumbing system at all. This prevents anything unhygienic or unsafe from appearing in your drain or tub.

The Specifics

How exactly does this backflow preventer detect water flowing in the wrong direction, and why doesn’t the rest of your plumbing system work that way? Well, think about it like a critter trap. By using pressure and a little bit of physics, it’s possible to allow entry from one direction, but the moment the water tries heading in the opposite direciton, a flap will close and the plumbing system will crawl to a halt. This keeps your water safe and uncontaminated from the prospect of a backflow issue.

Get It Installed the Right Way

We don’t want to toot our own horn or anything, but when it comes to backflow prevention, we’re the experts in this community. We utilize drain cameras, sewer jetting equipment, and other high tech pieces of equipment to get the job done right. You’d be hard pressed to find a pro in this area that offers that level of commitment to the job.

We’ve also got a 1 year hassle free warranty, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee to help guide you into knowing you made the best decision when you call us. Seriously, if you have any problems with a backflow preventer installation, or any other plumbing installation, we’ll take care of it. Our dedication to you, the community here in Lloydminster, and plumbing systems we work on, gives us the leg up we need to help you the right way.

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