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Do You Need a Backflow Preventer?

One thing that we don’t mention on this blog enough when it comes to emergency plumbing in Lloydminster, SK is contamination. This is a problem when wastewater, or contaminated water mixes with the freshwater that’s supposed to come into your house through your main water line. Though contamination can happen for a number of reasons, it should never be allowed to happen without quick alleviation from a professional plumber.

One way to stop contamination from happening before it starts is with a backflow preventer. In this blog post, we’ll be going into detail about these nifty little components, how they work, and why your home might be able to use one.

Just remember that contamination should never be taken lightly. It can quickly lead to household or community-wide illnesses and your health should always be treated with a high degree of seriousness. Our team can help if you need emergency plumbing care to alleviate contamination.

What Is Backflow?

Imagine your home as a big cylindrical pipe. Fresh water goes in one end so it can be used by you and your family for a variety of needs. Then, out of the other end comes wastewater that’s been made dirty. This wastewater will need to be cleaned by a municipal facility or siphoned back into the ground where it can be absorbed and cleaned naturally.

When water starts changing direction and flows backwards, we call it backflow. Backflow is a big problem because not only does it stop your plumbing system from working, but it also contaminates the fresh water that’s supposed to be kept secret. The moment your sewer or drain has backflow and meets your fresh water, you’ve got a contamination problem that could hinder your health.

Gravity Can Make Things Worse

Some homes are below the water table, or use gravity to pump water in certain directions. However, when there’s a leak in a pipe or some kind of problem with a drain, gravity can make things a lot worse by pulling contaminated water down so that it mixes with your fresh water.

A backflow preventer is a hardy piece of equipment that can likely stop this from happening when placed in strategic locations.

How a Backflow Preventer Works

Let’s talk about why you’re really here reading this blog post–the backflow preventer. This component can get attached to your pipes in valuable spots where water might end up flowing backwards due to pressure and gravity. In order to avoid contamination or pipe ruptures, the backflow preventer simply stops the flow of water when it detects the water flow in the wrong direction.

Think of a backflow preventer like a guardian that only lets the water flow in one direction. The moment your home suffers backflow or contamination risks, it stops the flow of water and your home remains safe.

Call Our Team for Support

It’s important to get the opinion and advice from a professional plumber before purchasing any plumbing equipment. Our team can help you figure out if a backflow preventer will help your home plumbing system.

Call Guardian Plumbing & Heating Ltd. for professional support. Lloydminster’s Plumbing and Heating Authority.

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