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End of the Year Plumbing Checklist

How is your plumbing system working? If your answer to that question is “great,” then we’re happy for you! And, if your answer is “not great,” then you know that we’re always available to address your concerns. Our team is full of skilled plumbers, from journeymen to master plumbers who can help diagnose problems, replace faulty components, and set things right for the months to come.

Now that we’re entering into the wintertime soon, it’s important to do a brief check of your plumbing system. Are things prepared to brace for the cold that’s inevitably coming our way? Our team can help with this if you’d like to schedule a plumbing maintenance appointment, but the truth is that a lot of this can be done yourself. As long as you’ve got eyes, ears, and a notepad in front of you, you can design your own checklist to help your plumbing in Lloydminster, SK!

Turn Off Your Outdoor Spigot

First things first, as soon as the temperature drops below freezing, you’re probably not going to be using any outdoor spigots for a while. This is obvious, but what isn’t obvious might be the fact that your water spigot is still allowing water to flow to the exterior of the home.

Most homes have a valve that controls the water, stopping it from even approaching the exterior water spigot, in case temperatures drop extremely low and you’re trying to insulate your home’s water lines. Make sure that the water is off and that nothing is flowing to any outdoor hoses, spigots, or sprinklers.

Put Away Hoses

It’s a good idea to put any outdoor plumbing equipment like hoses away. Even if a tiny bit of water has gotten caught in your hose that’s still connected, it can freeze, expand, and rupture the hose, essentially making it useless for future gardening and projects. Drain out the house, roll it up, and store it somewhere safe and dry so it lasts through the winter.

Insulate Exterior Pipes

If you’ve got any pipes that make contact with the outside air, it’s important that you get them insulated. Pipe insulation can help reduce the temperature drop that might otherwise take place inside your pipes. If the water in your pipes freezes, it could lead to a burst pipe and an eventual bad leak when it thaws, which is a problem that could be expensive to fix and damaging to your home.

Ensure Adequate Airflow Near Cabinet Plumbing

Your cabinets can sometimes be a space between the freezing outdoor cold and the warmth of your home. That doesn’t really matter much except for the fact that your pipes could be in danger of freezing in those areas if there’s not enough warm airflow through your home. Try to open certain cabinets to ensure that the pipes are warm enough to resist freezing.

Investigate for Leaks

If you’ve got a pipe leak now, it’s likely going to get worse over time and cost you money. Leaks can cause water damage, but as the winter months arrive, those puddles and leaks can freeze, causing structural damage in your home as well.

Contact Guardian Plumbing & Heating Ltd. to have your home inspected and your plumbing system repaired if you notice any problems. Lloydminster’s Plumbing and Heating Authority!

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