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Are You Suffering From a Plumbing Leak?

Plumbing leaks aren’t always easy to spot. Likewise, they can sometimes cause a tremendous amount of harm before a homeowner has really dealt with them the right way. Sometimes we’re called to help plug a leak after hours or days of a homeowner trying their best to do DIY repairs but to no avail.

Let’s help get your home back on track by talking about the absolute best way to detect a leak and get it dealt with. This post is going to combine some best practices to help you notice a leak, as well as the best method for you to have it dealt with. Here’s a hint, it almost always includes calling us for plumbing services in Provost, AB.

Only the steady hand and high-tech equipment of a trained professional will be able to easily, quickly, and effectively deal with a plumbing leak of any magnitude.

Detecting a Leak

The first and most important aspect of being a homeowner and dealing with plumbing leaks is actually finding them. Sometimes you might hear a strange noise or detect the whiff of a foul odor but you’re never 100% sure, right? Well, this list should make it pretty clear when to call for a professional.

  • The sound of a leak. This might sound obvious, but leaks can often be heard as a dripping or flowing noise echoing through the walls of your home. Unless someone is using the shower right at that moment and you’re just hearing their constant water use, be sure to have these noises checked out for possible leaks.
  • Strange, musty odors. What happens when stagnant, leaking water gets to sit in a damp area for days, months, or even years? It grows mold, and mold can smell bad. That’s an easy way for you to detect a leak in your home.
  • Brown spots on your ceiling, floors, or walls. When your plumbing system leaks, it often leaks into the walls, ceiling, or floors of your home and causes brown spots to form.
  • The water meter check. Turn off all your water-using appliances and check the water meter. If it’s still showing signs that your home is using water, then you’re likely dealing with a leak.

The Best Way to Help

If you’re looking to deal with a leak quickly and effectively, here are some best practices that can lead you in the right direction. Remember, only a trained professional can completely seal the deal and make your home leak free, guaranteed.

  • Map out the location of the leak. Once you’re sure that your home has a leak, try and map out the location of it so you can convey that information to a professional.
  • Put together a budget. Nobody wants to spend too much on repairing a leak. Put together a sound budget for your home so you’re clear on payment options when working with a pro.
  • Call the right professional to get started. Make sure you work with a qualified, experienced team to get the job done. Our professionals are as qualified as they come!

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