IAQ#1 - Could your home be making you SICK?


Efficiency = Sickness?

As a society we are ever concerned with the increasing cost of the day to day costs in our life. Whether it's our Mortgage/Rent, groceries, vehicle expenses or utilities, we are always looking for ways to reduce the month to month expenses. Most of us would much rather spend our shrinking pay check on things that mean more to us like experiences with our family and the memories that come.

We are also constantly reminded to do our part in reducing green house gas emissions and whether you believe that as a society we have caused the carbon issues or not, the authorities are making sure that we are penalized if we do not take a pro active approach to do our part.

Where does this leave us?

I know for me, I am continually looking for ways to waste less energy, investigating and pursuing ways to seal up my house to keep the hot/cold air that I have just paid a premium to make, either from my furnace, boiler or air conditioner. you can have a high efficient appliance and make the energy in the most cost effective way possible but if you have holes in your home you are literally blowing your money right out the walls.

The good news is that we have developed some great technologies that are allowing us to tighten up our homes, and even getting to the point where we can reach a net 0 home. Net 0 means that your home creates as much clean power as it consumes. Pretty amazing.

The issue we run into with sealing up our homes so tight, is that now we have created little mini environments that can be polluted and our homes don't have the natural processes in them that our earths environment has to deal with particles, gasses, organics, virus's. This means more sickness and people with increased symptoms from allergies.


2-5x more pollutants indoors! Some cases up to 100x!

The very things that we do to conserve our energy also stop the natural processes that clean our air out doors. Here are 3 of the processes that happen naturally out doors.


Ventilation is the intentional introduction of outdoor air into a space. (Obviously)


Ionization happens when we have action days outside, rain, wind, lightning, water falls, solar energy. Ionization causes particles in the air to take on positive and negative ions, essentially becoming magnets, getting attracted together becoming to heavy and then gravity does its work and the particles drop out of the air. This is how our air is filtered naturally!


We are often concerned by UV. Energy from the Sun. Ultraviolet Light waves are an extremely important part of the process of keeping our air clean outside. Different waves perform different functions. Some waves will sterilize virus's and germs, others will break oxidize gas's and VOC's rendering them harmless.

The issue we now have in our homes its that none of these processes happen naturally inside, and now that we have tightened up our homes to make it so energy efficient, even the wraps and glues that we use to seal up our homes are trapped inside as well as the pollution given off by our own bodies by the things we need to do, cooking, bathing and so on.


No need to panic! By golly we have had enough of that lately! I am going to present in a series of articles some of the ways that we can use these same process' to clean up the air in our homes and make our houses a safer and more comfortable place to be!

#1 Ventilation


Exchanging polluted indoor air with fresh naturally treated out door air. Most of the homes in the Lloydminster area had ventilation installed at the lowest code requirement, costing residents money and comfort. How can we do this without literally throwing our money away? We don't want to take the air we just spent a fortune heating or cooling and throw it our the window!! I'll show you some options that will allow us to recover some of the energy!

#2a Filteration - Instream


Furnace filters have been a staple for years and there has been some major advancement in the abilities to filter the main circulation of air that we have in our homes, but if we are not careful there are some new products that if used incorrectly can substantially reduce the life of our furnace! We will go over the do's and do nots with in stream filtration.

#2b Filteration - Sidestream


HEPA Filters and UV lights can be installed in our HVAC systems, providing addition protection with substantially finer filtration, virus and voc reduction and can be done without putting addition strain on our HVAC systems.

#3 Humidity


Too much? Too little? Summer, Winter, Its a dry cold, why do my windows sweat? We will work through these and more.

Breath Easy! We have Solutions!


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Written and Compiled by Blaine from Guardian!


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