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3 Tips to Keep Your Drain Unclogged

Monday, July 6th, 2020

Let’s face it—drain clogs are the worst. They always happen at the most inopportune moments and we never have the right tools on hand to deal with them. From drain snakes to correctly sized plungers, it always necessitates a drive to the grocery store while you pour down an aisle you never usually go to.

While calling us for drain cleaning in Lloydminster is always a viable option which we recommend, sometimes it’s more important to homeowners that they stop clogs from happening in the first place. Drain clogs are natural to occur every now and then, but if you’re dealing with them on a constant basis that’s starting to borderline on obnoxious, perhaps you’re doing something wrong!

We’re going to talk a bit about our best practices for keeping a drain from clogging in the first place. If you follow this step by step guide, we promise you’ll see a demonstrable difference in the quality of your drains.

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