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Your Ducts Could Be Leaking!

Monday, August 16th, 2021

Leaking ducts are a major problem, not just during the summer but for the entire year. If you’ve got a centralized air conditioning and heating system, chances are they both use the same set of ductwork. These ducts are your home’s veins, transporting the cool, comfortable air to the rooms where you can feel it. However, the more leaky your ducts are, the more uncomfortable your home will be.

We’re going to focus on some major aspects about duct repair in Lloydminster, SK. We’ll talk about what can go wrong when ducts are in disrepair, and we’ll also mention how homeowners can easily tell if they need this service.

This is an insidious problem that we feel homeowners should be more aware of. People can often be too quick to assume that their air conditioner is what’s really struggling, when the ductwork could be the culprit leaking all the conditioned air!

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