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Wednesday, May 27th, 2020

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Thursday, September 12th, 2019
{Photo Credit Jason Whiting of Videre Images}

It seemed hopeless, bins full of wet grain, disaster was certain!

“For the last 2 years, Guardian’s MACHED Mobile Heating unit has been a very useful tool on our farm. 2 years ago, we had 4-5 quarters of wheat that we had to take off wet. We had an abundance of wet grain that we couldn’t sell and needed to find a more cost- effective way to dry our grain, besides taking it to the elevator. We came across Guardian’s MACHED unit and put it to work right away. We were able to dry all of our grain over the winter and by the time the following summer hit all our grain was dried and sold. Another aspect I like about the MACHED mobile unit is that it turns our 8 regular aeration bins into heater bins, which makes our drying much more effective and changes our strategy going into harvest. This year, when we hit a rainy patch later in the season, not wanting to lose days waiting for the grain to dry in the field we took out the MACHED unit and kept combining. Knowing that we have the ability to dry grain much faster than normal has changed the way we look at harvesting wet grain. In the past, we have may have been more inclined to leave it on the field and wait for it to dry, rolling the dice with the weather, but having the MACHED unit put us in a position where we are able to get it into the bin knowing that we are able to dry it. I would rather have the grain in the bin drying than in the field waiting for warm days to dry it. With the MACHED unit I can also control how much heat I put to it. We run 2 bins off our MACHED unit and we set ours to hold 30ºC. If it’s a cold fall morning the bin is 30ºC, if it’s a hot summer day the bin is 30ºC. All in all, the MACHED unit has been very useful to us and is a tool we will be using every year.”

– Glen Peregrym; Peregrym Farms

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Tuesday, August 27th, 2019

In this Article the expert affirms that air drying is nearly impossible without heat when temperatures drop below 10ºC. They also mention that they feel using direct heat is better, because they get higher efficiencies, but the down side is it does add some water, which is counterproductive.

With our Grain Drying units we have the best of both systems! As we are an indirect system, meaning “0” water is added to the bins and our burners are 98% efficient as compared to the 80% efficiencies of our competitors. With the added protection of no flame and our ability to set the temperature exactly where you want it and it will maintain regardless of what the outside temperature is. Meaning you can dry day and night and get your aeration fans shut off faster, saving you gas and electricity. There is nothing that compares to the MACHED Grain Dying System! Call us today!!

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