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Our Five-Point Fall Furnace Checklist

Monday, October 25th, 2021

That title sounded like a mouthful, didn’t it? But all jokes aside, it’s important that homeowners really start the season off strong by doing a few things for their heating systems that ensure they’re safe for the winter. Sure, nothing compares to professional maintenance, or calling our team for that quick heating repair in Paradise Hill, SK, but you’ll soon find that there are additional things you might want to do as a homeowner.

When was the last time you changed your air filter? Or when was the last time you actually cleared out some space around your furnace? These aren’t just tips to improve efficiency and to help your system run better, they’re also tips to help your system run safely.

Today we’re going to focus on five different things you could do for your furnace while you get it in shape for the cold months ahead!

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Why Your Lead Pipes Should Be Replaced

Monday, October 11th, 2021

Right now there are global initiatives going on in every country and every community to replace lead pipes. It’s not because lead doesn’t work as a pipe material, it works very well, in fact. It turns out that lead can be poisonous when ingested and lead pipes will leech lead into the water of a community, harming the people in it.

However, as thorough as our community might be at removing lead pipes from our water supply lines, we can’t physically go into every older home and replace their lead pipes. All we can do is advise homeowners to do this on their own time and their own budget, and tell them about the risks of lead poisoning.

If you’re certain that you’ve got lead pipes in your home, then we’re going to be frank with you. You might need to get them replaced. Our team provides this valuable plumbing service in Paradise Hill, SK so you can rest easy knowing the pros are on the case.

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