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5 Reasons Why Video Pipe Inspection Will Help You

Monday, August 17th, 2020

Video pipe inspection is a blessing of the 21st century. Back in the day, plumbers had to actually pull your pipes apart to inspect the interior of them. This took a lot of time, was fairly intensive, and could lead to a host of problems in old plumbing systems that weren’t so easily disassembled. Luckily, technology has made things a lot easier and faster!

Introducing a camera pipe inspection! This type of service is only available by the best plumbing teams around. It uses a tiny camera mounted on an auger that can be sent into your drains to survey the damage of a clog, invasive tree roots, leaks, or more! If you’ve ever thought that your plumbing could use some expert reconnaissance, this is the tool for you! Just remember to call your local plumbing in Lloydminster if you need help with your plumbing needs.

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