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Does Flushing a Water Heater Help?

The word “maintenance” means two different things depending on who says it. To an HVAC or plumbing professional like us, it refers to a specific service where our team inspects, adjusts, and maintains a water heater to keep it in good shape. This can include flushing the system and resetting it.

However, to homeowners, the word “maintenance” might mean some best practices that can keep it in good shape without opening the system up, flushing it, or doing anything that might damage it. The hand of a professional is going to be better at the first type of maintenance, while a homeowner is perfectly able to do the second type of maintenance.

Well, today we’d like to talk about flushing the water heater as one of the best “regular” things that can be done for it. It might help reduce the amount of water heater repairs in Maidstone over the next few years as well!

Why Flushing a Water Heater Is a Pro’s Job

We know that there are a lot of DIY tutorials online about how you can just flush your tank water heater yourself. And we’d even argue that many of our customers are probably capable enough to figure it out. But the truth is that not everyone is capable of this job, and the problems that can come from a botched water heater flush can outweigh the cost of just hiring a pro to do it.

For instance, accidentally flooding your basement or crawlspace with warm water is going to do wonders for mold infestations and mildew. You could end up fighting against foul odors for months on end, while also dealing with rotting floorboards, rotting furniture, and more. Those fancy family heirlooms you’ve kept in storage for the perfect time to put them on display could be ruined, and those are irreplaceable.

That’s why you’ll want to call a pro to have this done, preferably during water heater maintenance.

The Benefits of Routine Water Flushing

Here are just a few benefits that come from water heater flushing.

  • Reduce repair needs overall. Flushing your water heater can only really help things when it comes to the longevity and affordability of your water heater. The components, the water lines, and even the heater itself will thank you for this.
  • Flushes out sediment. Sediment can build up in the water tank over time, severely limiting the capacity and causing issues with heating. It can even lead to uneven temperatures that can cause scalding hot water or water that’s ice cold!
  • Improve efficiency. A water heater will run more efficiently with routine water flushing done. As the sediment is removed, the system can focus on heating water instead of the minerals that would otherwise be in the tank if it weren’t flushed.
  • Reduce the chances of noisy operation. A water heater that goes a long time without maintenance or flushing can be noisier. The sediment that settles in water pipes and the tank can cause pressure problems which lead to water running too fast or creating steam. If you’re hearing your water heater make too many bumps, bangs, or whistles, then a flush could do some good.

Guardian Plumbing & Heating Ltd. can help you with water heater repairs and maintenance. Contact us today! Lloydminster’s Plumbing and Heating Authority.

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