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Commercial Heating and Air Conditioning Services in Lloydminster

Some of our southern neighbours would balk at how cold it gets here while others would be surprised by how hot it can get. Let’s just say having a business in Lloydminster means having to contend with some pretty high highs and low lows throughout the year. That is why you need to have an effective and energy-efficient commercial heating and air conditioning system.

Maintaining a thriving business already comes with enough hard decisions and stress—don’t let keeping your commercial space comfortable add to that. Instead, trust your commercial HVAC services with Guardian Plumbing & Heating Ltd. so you can rest easy knowing your systems are in good hands. Whether it is commercial HVAC installation to commercial HVAC repair, and even to replacement services, we’ll get the job done.

We are Lloydminster’s Plumbing and Heating Authority. Contact us today to schedule commercial HVAC services in Lloydminster and the surrounding area.

Commercial HVAC Installation

When you open a new business in Lloydminster and the surrounding area you are going to want to make sure everything is as close to perfect as possible, right? One part that we can help with in that endeavor is your commercial HVAC system. We provide commercial HVAC installation for a variety of system such as unit heaters, commercial tube heaters, and radiant heating systems. We can install central AC systems too.

When you need to make sure that your commercial space is outfitted with the best comfort system possible, reach out to us. Our certified team members have the technical knowledge to help you choose the best system for your space’s needs and get it installed correctly.

Commercial HVAC Repairs

Is your industrial heater struggling to keep things warm this winter? Or is your rooftop unit AC emitting strange sounds but no cold air? If you are having problems like these, it is likely that you need to schedule repairs for your commercial HVAC systems. Our professional technicians can provide expert repairs for any of the following systems:

  • Commercial heating systems
  • Commercial air conditioning systems
  • Commercial geothermal systems
  • Commercial indoor air quality systems
  • Server room cooling systems

When you need reliable and long-lasting repair services for your commercial systems, contact Guardian Plumbing & Heating Ltd.. We’ve been serving Lloydminster and the surrounding areas since 2010 and we offer the best repair warranties in the area.

Commercial HVAC Maintenance

Commercial HVAC maintenance is going to help keep your commercial space in Lloydminster more comfortable for a longer amount of time. Maintenance is a yearly service that can benefit you in a multitude of ways, one of them being that it helps give you better peace of mind. This is because when a professional technician performs maintenance for your commercial systems, they are addressing small problems while they are still small, such as loose bolts or dirty filters. This creates benefits such as:

  • Longer lifespans: Your commercial HVAC replacement will be a lot further off
  • Fewer repairs: Yearly maintenance keeps repairs few and far between
  • Better energy efficiency: This means lower bills and better comfort

We provide helpful commercial maintenance plans that make this service even more cost effective and convenient. Learn more about our maintenance plans and our services when you call us today.

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