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Duct Services in Lloydminster

Your ductwork may not always seem like much, but it is quite important to the operation of your heater and air conditioner, making it a key component to your home comfort. Whether you have a furnace, central AC, or swamp cooler providing your temperature regulation, none of these systems would be able to do much without your ductwork.

Each air duct within your home provides a pathway for the temperature-controlled air produced by your HVAC system to reach its destination, thereby creating a comfortable home environment. As you can imagine, a problem in your ducts will negatively impact this. That is why we offer duct maintenance and duct repair to residents throughout Lloydminster. Guardian Plumbing & Heating Ltd. can solve the problem of leaking ductwork so you can enjoy the comfort you need all year long.

Call Lloydminster’s Plumbing and Heating Authority for duct services you can trust. Contact us today to get started!

Duct Repair Services

Your ductwork is placed within the walls, attic, or crawlspaces of your home, meaning you can’t exactly go look it over to check for leaks, at least not easily. So, if your ductwork is the source of your problems getting comfortable, you may be curious as to how you are supposed to figure that out. Watch for these indicators that you should contact Guardian Plumbing & Heating Ltd. for duct sealing or repair services:

  • Hissing noises caused by air escaping from leaks in your ducts
  • Dusty air coming through your vents or registers
  • Airflow that isn’t as strong as it is meant to be
  • Longer heating or cooling cycles

If your ducts need repair, you should reach out to our team of professional technicians to get the issue resolved. Don’t leave your comfort in the hands of an amateur.

Duct Maintenance

Your ducts need maintenance just the same as your air conditioning or heating system does. Ductwork maintenance is going to help keep this part of your HVAC system in better condition so it can deliver the temperature-controlled air that will keep you comfortable. We offer duct maintenance services that will help your ductwork do its job and reduce the number and severity of repairs it needs.

Our team of indoor air quality technicians can seal up duct leaks before they worsen into breakages, tighten loosening bolts and screws, and check for any potential things that could cause problems in your ductwork. We don’t just wait for issues to pop up; we believe in finding proactive solutions that prevent problems from occurring. Contact us today to ensure your ductwork is getting the service it needs.

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