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Water Treatment Systems in Lloydminster

What would you do if you knew that the water coming out of your taps was filled with a multitude of minerals that could impact the taste of the water and harm your plumbing over time? You likely wouldn’t be happy. And yet, there are so many homes in Lloydminster that have this exact problem. Thankfully, we can provide a solution with water treatment systems in Lloydminster, SK.

Water treatment systems are going to help address the hard water that arrives at your home and can cause problems for your pipes and your water quality. That is why we provide water treatment system installation and replacement, along with water treatment system repair.

Contact our team, Lloydminster’s Plumbing and Heating Authority, today to find a solution for your hard water treatment issues.

Quality Water Treatment System Installation Services

Installing a water treatment system is more than just attaching a store-bought filter to your kitchen faucet. This does nothing to protect your plumbing or your water heater and likely will only improve the taste of your water in a small way. When we discuss water purification systems, we are talking about systems that will purify all of the water your home uses, providing plumbing protection and improved taste.

We install the best quality products for your rural water treatment needs like the Iorex saltless water filtration systems. We also offer installations for a variety of helpful systems including:

  • Well-water treatment systems
  • Boiler water treatment systems
  • Whole-home reverse osmosis systems

If you need a good water treatment system, contact our team for professional installation.

Water Treatment System Replacements That You Will Love

Your water treatment system handles a steady flow of hard water which means that it is going to be dealing with minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and sulfates. Over time, much like any filter in your home, the minerals that your filter handles will have an impact on the system, leading to its eventual need to be replaced.

If you need a water treatment system replacement you should reach out to our team for service. Only our professional plumbers will be able to properly replace your water treatment system, ensuring the old system is disposed of correctly and the new one is in place and able to do its job. We’ve been serving the Lloydminster area since 2010.

Lloydminster Water Treatment System Repair Services

Your water treatment system is going to need repairs much like the other systems in your home. If you want your treatment system to do its job properly, you will want to schedule professional repairs in a timely manner. Only with professional water treatment system repairs will your system be able to provide the filtering strength you need.

Signs that you might need a repair for your water treatment system include:

  • Lower water pressure
  • Water with a red or orange tint to it
  • Water that smells or tastes bad

When you need to get your water treatment system back into working order, contact Guardian Plumbing & Heating Ltd. for service. We provide excellent customer care, unmatched pricing, and quality service with every job we do.

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