Efficiency = Sickness?

As a society we are ever concerned with the increasing cost of the day to day costs in our life. Whether it's our Mortgage/Rent, groceries, vehicle expenses or utilities, we are always looking for ways to reduce the month to month expenses. Most of us would much rather spend our shrinking pay check on things that mean more to us like experiences with our family and the memories that come.

We are also constantly reminded to do our part in reducing green house gas emissions and whether you believe that as a society we have caused the carbon issues or not, the authorities are making sure that we are penalized if we do not take a pro active approach to do our part.

Where does...

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It seemed hopeless, bins full of wet grain, disaster was certain!

“For the last 2 years, Guardian’s MACHED Mobile Heating unit has been a very useful tool on our farm. 2 years ago, we had 4-5 quarters of wheat that we had to take off wet. We had an abundance of wet grain that we couldn’t sell and needed to find a more cost- effective way to dry our grain, besides taking it to the elevator. We came across Guardian’s MACHED unit and put it to work right away. We were able to dry all of our grain over the winter and by the time the following summer hit all our grain was dried and sold. Another aspect I like about the MACHED mo...

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In this Article the expert affirms that air drying is nearly impossible without heat when temperatures drop below 10ºC. They also mention that they feel using direct heat is better, because they get higher efficiencies, but the down side is it does add some water, which is counterproductive. With our Grain Drying units we have the best of both systems! As we are an indirect system, meaning "0" water is added to the bins and our burners are 98% efficient as compared to the 80% efficiencies of our competitors. With the added protection of no flame and our ability to set the temperature exactly where you want it and it will maintain...

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It's unfortunate that we get so many calls from people who are unhappy with their hot water heating, it's important to note that hydronic heating can be the most efficient, comfortable and accurate method of heating, if done correctly. The problem is that there are too many plumbers that do not understand "hydronics" and install equipment incorrectly and in the end the customer suffers. With hydronic heating, the system is just as important as the equipment. You need a professional to design and install your system to provide maximum comfort and efficiency. The best way to get this info is to ask your plumber for 3-4 references of people with a similar system as you! Your specialist should ...

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