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Furnaces in Lloydminster

Furnaces have been around for a good long while because they are heating systems that work. Today’s furnaces are far more effective and efficient than their predecessors, with the ability to use gas or electricity, rather than coal, to create warmth that is then blown throughout the home. Your furnace keeps your home comfortable without costing an egregious amount.

If you want your furnace to remain a reliable heating resource, it will be necessary to ensure it gets the care it needs. Much like a car, this is a system that requires upkeep to run well. Without any furnace maintenance or repairs, you’d end up with a furnace replacement sooner than you’d probably like. Let our professional technicians offer you the service you need for your gas furnace or your electric furnace.

We are Lloydminster’s Plumbing and Heating Authority. Contact our team today to schedule furnace services in Lloydminster and the surrounding area.

Professional Furnace Installation

If you are interested in enjoying efficient and effective heating in your home when the temperatures drop, it may be time to consider a furnace installation service. Furnaces have been around for hundreds of years for good reason—these systems are great at what they do, and they have only gotten better.

If you are hunting around for a team you can trust to get your installation done right, you can end your search with us. We strongly believe that, when we do a job, we are going to do the job right or not at all. With that goal in mind we can confidently promise your full satisfaction with the work we do. We only install quality products such as International Comfort Products and Amana systems.

24-Hour Furnace Repair Services

While not all furnaces are built the same, each and every furnace system will eventually need repairs. Even with great maintenance and best practices for regular use, wear and tear will take its toll. If your gas or electric furnace needs repairs, you don’t want to ignore it—the sooner you get it addressed, the better. Watch out for these warning signs:

  • Loud concerning noises
  • Inconsistent heating
  • Increased heating bills

If you are noticing that your furnace heater isn’t working quite right, reach out to our team in Lloydminster to schedule your repairs and ensure you can enjoy a cozy home. We provide 24/7 emergency service and our Lifetime Recommended Repair Warranty is the best in the area.

Furnace Maintenance for System Performance

So why is furnace maintenance a necessity if you still need to schedule repairs? For one thing, it is going to reduce the need for repairs; for another, maintenance will help your system run much more efficiently for a lot longer. This is because the tightening, cleaning, adjusting, and other tasks involved in maintenance help it to, well, maintain its efficiency and effectiveness. It helps it last longer too.

If you haven’t scheduled a yearly maintenance appointment for your furnace, we highly recommend you do. You can trust the technicians at Guardian Plumbing & Heating Ltd. to provide HVAC maintenance services that will ensure you keep warm on the coldest of nights here in Lloydminster.

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