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Humidifiers and Dehumidifier Services in Lloydminster

Humidity is a term used to describe the level of moisture in the air and is often treated as a negative thing. While humidity levels can be detrimental to your comfort in summer, this isn’t the case throughout the entire year. We understand when humidity can be used to benefit your home, which is why we provide services for both humidifiers and dehumidifiers.

Depending on your comfort needs, we can help with services like humidifier installation, dehumidifier installation, humidifier repair and dehumidifier repair as well. Our comfort advisors can work with you to assess what system will be best to improve the environment in your home and get this system installed properly. We can also help to keep the system or systems working correctly.

Trust Lloydminster’s Plumbing and Heating Authority to optimize your home environment all year long. Contact us today for humidifier or dehumidifier services in Lloydminster and the surrounding area.

Humidifier Installation

Interested in getting a whole-house humidifier installed into your home to improve your home’s climate during winter? A humidifier adding moisture to your home can help the indoor air hold onto warmth for a longer amount of time, keeping you comfortable for longer. If you are looking into installing this system, you should reach out to Guardian Plumbing & Heating Ltd. to get the job done.

We are a family-owned business staffed by fellow locals from Lloydminster, and the surrounding areas. This means that we know what the weather can get like in this area during winter and we know what it takes to keep your home comfortable. Contact us to learn more about whether these systems can help you.

Humidifier Repair

If you have a humidifier helping with your home comfort, you likely have an idea of the positive impact that it can make on your home environment during the winter. Hopefully, you are already getting humidifier maintenance to ensure this system works well for a long while, keeping your humidifier replacement service in the far future. Another service that will help your humidifier do its job is repair service.

Schedule your humidifier system repairs with our team to ensure that you can continue to enjoy the positive impact that it has on your home. We have the technical knowledge to help get your humidifier working again when it encounters a problem.

Dehumidifier Installation

Maybe you are tired of your home feeling like a sauna during summer and are hoping to get a whole-house dehumidifier to address the problem. If you are hoping to install this system, we would advise scheduling your service with a professional team like ours. We make sure to get the job done right so that you won’t have to worry about needing an early dehumidifier replacement.

We have been serving the Lloydminster area since 2010 and our team is known for providing excellent customer care and quality services that you can rely on. We believe in building lasting relationships with our customers based on being a trustworthy resource for comfort services. Contact us to learn more.

Dehumidifier Repair

If you have a dehumidifier you are probably really grateful to have it around during summertime, keeping your home drier and more comfortable than it would be otherwise. With the help of our dehumidifier maintenance services, you should be able to enjoy a dehumidifier that operates effectively for a long while before needing repairs. This doesn’t mean they are completely avoidable though. Signs that you need dehumidifier repair service from our team include:

  • Musty odors
  • Signs of mould
  • Signs of water damage
  • Condensation on windows

Contact our team for the service you need.

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