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A Whole House Generator Can Make a Major Difference

Did you know that our team also provides installation and repairs for generators in Lloydminster, SK? While you might have heard of our renown in the plumbing industry, we also provide serious upgrades in protecting your home from power outages with generator services. But we’re not just talking about portable generators, which are just one of many types of generators. We’re talking about whole-house generators that run on natural gas and are specifically sized for your home.

This blog post is going to be devoted to informing our potential customers about the benefits of generator systems like these. We want people to be aware of how efficient and effective they can be at making your life a lot easier and preventing problems during a blackout.

If you’re interested in a whole-house generator, but you’re not sure where to start, make sure you call our team for a consultation.

Our Generator Options

In order to understand just how open your home might be to a generator installation, we need to talk about the options. Sure, there are portable generators and generators that run using natural gas, but there are others as well. Take a look at some of our options as we discuss the benefits.

Whole-House Generators

Whole-house generators are systems that run on natural gas. They’re powerful and efficient, but lack the portability that a portable generator has. They stay in place and can provide your home with enough power to keep pretty much everything running.

That’s the reason why they’re called whole-house generators! Your fridge, your lights, and other electrical appliances can be completely powered by this type of generator. Just make sure you treat it like any other important machine and get it tuned up on a yearly basis so it’s ready when you need it!

Solar Generators

Solar generators are great for customers that want a generator but don’t have access to natural gas and want to avoid a portable generator. They’re powered by solar energy, which is free and powerful enough to provide your home with electricity when an outage occurs. These systems are also eco-friendly and wonderful ways to curb your carbon output when blackouts occur.

Automatic Standby Generators

Most whole-house generators are also automatic standby generators, but these systems basically turn on without the need for someone to flip a switch. They can simply detect when a power outage has occurred and immediately turn on to save you time and hassle.

Portable Generators

Yes, we even install and sell portable generators. These can be great for an outdoor event like a yearly family get-together. Portable generators might not be the most efficient of the ones listed here, but what they lack in efficiency and power, they gain in portability. They usually run on gasoline, which means they can be pumped up at any gas station and used anywhere… Literally!

Many people use portable generators for sports events, weddings, project lighting, and more. Just make sure that you choose this kind of system for your portable projects. This kind of generator isn’t the best at powering an entire home during a blackout.

Contact Guardian Plumbing & Heating Ltd. for guidance on a new generator. Lloydminster’s Plumbing and Heating Authority!

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