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Where Plumbing and Heating Coalesce

Monday, February 27th, 2023

Sometimes we get caught in the weeds with how we categorize our home comfort or utility systems. We’ve got our heaters, our air conditioners, our plumbing systems, and even our indoor air quality machines, but we rarely ever think of them together. But that’s not how they work in reality!

These systems are similar to the different systems that make up the human body. You’ve got the cardiovascular system, the nervous system, the digestive system, and all of them are responsible for a healthy human being. It would be silly to think of these as completely separate from one another, right?

Let’s look at how your heating and plumbing systems are intricately connected. This is why our team provides Lloydminster plumbing and heating services because we know how a trained professional can improve many of your home systems at once.

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The Five Rules of Holiday Plumbing Prevention

Monday, December 5th, 2022

A lot of homeowners do their fair share of cooking during the holiday season. It’s a great way to warm up your house and make everyone hungry and ready to eat at the table. Homemade soup, a bowl of pasta, or a roast chicken will go a long way in giving fond memories of togetherness and a great meal well shared. However, that’s going to go from a cozy memory to one of frustration if your pipes aren’t well protected.

We don’t want to get in the way of anyone’s holiday plans this year. In fact, we want to make whatever holiday plans you do have easier by helping to protect your plumbing in Lloydminster from drain clogs, leaks, and other issues that can otherwise ruin the holidays.

Let’s go over five rules of plumbing prevention to protect your drains and keep your plumbing system in ideal shape.

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End of the Year Plumbing Checklist

Monday, November 7th, 2022

How is your plumbing system working? If your answer to that question is “great,” then we’re happy for you! And, if your answer is “not great,” then you know that we’re always available to address your concerns. Our team is full of skilled plumbers, from journeymen to master plumbers who can help diagnose problems, replace faulty components, and set things right for the months to come.

Now that we’re entering into the wintertime soon, it’s important to do a brief check of your plumbing system. Are things prepared to brace for the cold that’s inevitably coming our way? Our team can help with this if you’d like to schedule a plumbing maintenance appointment, but the truth is that a lot of this can be done yourself. As long as you’ve got eyes, ears, and a notepad in front of you, you can design your own checklist to help your plumbing in Lloydminster, SK!

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A Guide to Fall Plumbing

Monday, September 12th, 2022

A lot of things change during the fall. The kids go back to school, the leaves change color, and our plumbing systems still work as hard as ever, as long as they’re in good shape! Sometimes a plumbing system can run into serious problems as the weather and seasons change. This is less to do with the temperature and more to do with changes in our daily lives.

Autumn is busy, which means you might have less time to pay close attention to your plumbing system, or get that quick plumbing fix done. This is why we offer fast and reliable services for homeowners that are just too busy to take on these projects themselves. From drain cleaning to pipe replacement, we’ve got your back.

Not convinced? Don’t worry. This whole blog post is dedicated to talking about a few things in relation to your plumbing in Lloydminster, SK, and why it can get complicated and stressful, fast.

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The Dos and Don’ts of Drain Plumbing

Monday, August 1st, 2022

From renters to homeowners, plumbing problems happen to us all. Especially when it comes to drains, you’re always going to need to make sure that they’re free of any clogs to use them at all. We don’t need to tell anyone out there what a drain clog is like, we’re sure you’ve experienced at least a few of them in your lifetimes!

However, we’re always surprised by how little is known about drain systems and our plumbing systems as a whole. That’s why we’re always happy to write blog posts with some enlightening information as to how these systems work and why, for instance, you shouldn’t flush anything that’s not water down them.

So, buckle up and take your notepads out! It’s time to talk about the dos and don’ts of plumbing in Lloydminster, SK. And if you need help that’s a bit beyond what you can do, feel free to call our team for expert service.

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3 Ways Technology Can Help Your Drain

Monday, July 18th, 2022

Welcome to the 21st century! If you’re a time traveler, or just a passerby looking for some technological tips for plumbing systems, then we’re glad you could get here. Things have changed a lot in the plumbing industry over the last fifty years, and we’re assuming that things will continue to change as technological advancements are made. We’re always looking for newer, more reliable, and more affordable methods of getting rid of wastewater and bringing freshwater in.

So, in the spirit of being forward-thinking, we’d like to talk about three specific technological advancements that help tremendously with plumbing work. Don’t worry, you can still rely on the tried and tested handiwork of professional plumbing in Vermilion, AB, but our plumbers come with great equipment that’s as high-tech as it gets.

Let’s get to it! Here are three high-tech plumbing solutions that you can only take advantage of by calling a team of professional plumbers with access to them.

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What to Do About Invading Tree Roots

Monday, January 17th, 2022

No, we’re not talking about some new horror movie about some tree monsters invading a small rural community (although plenty of our team members would love to see a movie like that), we’re talking about your plumbing system. Tree roots can be especially nasty to drain and sewer systems to the point where it can feel like an all-out war between the two.

Think of it this way, your property is the territory that’s being fought over. The soil and nutrients in the ground are what these trees want and their roots are designed to take in all of those nutrients. Your drainage and sewer pipes are invading that territory and taking up room that these trees would like for themselves. All the sudden you’ve got a battle between pipes and tree roots.

Keep reading to learn more about plumbing services in Vermilion, AB that can help you avoid this situation.

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3 Reasons to Invest in Preventative Drain Cleaning

Monday, September 13th, 2021

Drain cleaning is something that we talk about regularly on this blog. We’re plumbers, and we’re sorry for sounding redundant, but plumbers like to talk about plumbing! You’ve probably experienced this firsthand if you have any friends or family that are master plumbers. It’s in our blood, so try to give us a break!

However, there’s one more important word we’d like to focus on for this blog, and that’s “preventative.” Drain cleaning can often be purchased when your drains are clogged, but homeowners rarely call us for drain cleaning in Provost, AB to prevent clogs. But this might be the best use for this service!

Today, we’d like to talk about how drain cleaning can prevent clogs from building up in the first place. We’ll discuss with you the advantages of signing up for regular drain cleaning services and why that might be more beneficial (and more affordable) than just calling us for drain cleaning when you need it.

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Are Your Drains Starting to Slow Down?

Monday, April 26th, 2021

Think about your drains like a race. Wastewater should go from point A to point B in the fastest, most efficient way possible. When something starts causing your drains to slow down and lose the race towards your sewer system, something is wrong.

We’re here to talk about slow drains. We’ll go into detail about what they mean, why they can be a big problem, and what our team usually does about them. No home is identical to the next, so the solution might be dependent on the type of home you have and your specific drainage system. But, we can promise you that there’s no better team to call for plumbing in Lloydminster, SK than Guardian Plumbing & Heating Ltd.

There’s a very good reason why we’re known as “Lloydminster’s Plumbing and Heating Authority.” Keep reading as we address the problem with your slow drains.

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Are Your Frozen Pipes Starting to Thaw?

Monday, March 15th, 2021

If you haven’t given your frozen pipes a thawt since the colder days, then you might want to. Pardon our cheesy humor, but it’s important to remember that those frozen pipes will thaw and they’re going to start leaking water from where there was ice. What can you do?

Well, when it comes to plumbing in Vermilion, AB, you can always call our team. They don’t call us Lloydminster’s plumbing and heating authority for no reason! But also, while you wait for our plumbers to arrive and fix your new problem, there are a few things you can do to mitigate damage and keep your home safe.

Remember—burst pipes can start leaking a lot of water depending on the size of the rupture. It’s important to survey the damage so you’re prepared for what’s to come and so that you’re not surprised by any new problems ahead.

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