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The Five Rules of Holiday Plumbing Prevention

A lot of homeowners do their fair share of cooking during the holiday season. It’s a great way to warm up your house and make everyone hungry and ready to eat at the table. Homemade soup, a bowl of pasta, or a roast chicken will go a long way in giving fond memories of togetherness and a great meal well shared. However, that’s going to go from a cozy memory to one of frustration if your pipes aren’t well protected.

We don’t want to get in the way of anyone’s holiday plans this year. In fact, we want to make whatever holiday plans you do have easier by helping to protect your plumbing in Lloydminster from drain clogs, leaks, and other issues that can otherwise ruin the holidays.

Let’s go over five rules of plumbing prevention to protect your drains and keep your plumbing system in ideal shape.

Rule #1: Use a Mesh Screen

A mesh screen can be the first line of defense against particles of food waste and other things that would cause a clog inside a drain. Place it at the bottom of your sink and empty the contents in the trash when it’s full to protect your drain.

Rule #2: Keep Toys and Objects Out of the Sink

Your kids might want to give their action figures a bath or simulate a scene from a movie, but that can lead to some not-so-cute plumbing disasters. Toys and solid objects are just not good for a sink’s drain, and keeping these materials out of the sink entirely is the best way to protect your plumbing system.

Rule #3: Steer Clear of Fats, Oils, and Greases

Fats, oils, and greases (also known as FOG) are materials that are liquid when you cook with them and solid when they’ve cooled down. They can be devastating for your drain, so be sure to throw them out when you’re done with them.

Rule #4: Don’t Use Drain Chemicals

We talk about drain cleaning chemicals a lot here, but here’s another reminder–they’re not good. These chemicals don’t work particularly well and when they do work, they can eat away the lining of your pipes, causing leaks to form over a period of time. And, don’t forget that these caustic chemicals emit fumes that can be debilitating to your eyes, nose, skin, and mouth!

Rule #5: Call for a Pro When You Need Help

Unfortunately, the reality is that your plumbing system may still encounter problems when you’re doing all you can to prevent them. Depending on how old your plumbing is or what’s been done to it over the years, there could be a drain clog forming that was just too old and stubborn to alleviate with DIY methods. In this case, call our team.

Professional plumbers like the ones on our team have access to hydro jetting systems that can eliminate any clogging materials. We can also patch pipe leaks and other issues at a record speed so you can get back to enjoying the holidays.

Need help? Contact Guardian Plumbing & Heating Ltd. for plumbing help. Lloydminster’s Plumbing and Heating Authority.

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