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What to Do When Encountering a Leak

Monday, February 13th, 2023

Don’t panic! Leaks happen all the time and they’re just a part of being a homeowner. Before you start looking up horror stories online of what happened to a house when a leak was discovered too late, we want you to think about the positives. You’re going to be happy that you discovered the leak, even if it’s taken a little while, and now you can take steps to ensure it gets fixed. Just detecting the leak is one of the hardest parts, so give yourself a pat on the back for making it this far!

Now, we need to talk about the next steps. Do you shut your water off? Should those experiencing a plumbing leak in Provost call for a plumber now, even if it’s dripping into a bucket? What if the leak is alongside an exterior wall, is it still okay?

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End of the Year Plumbing Checklist

Monday, November 7th, 2022

How is your plumbing system working? If your answer to that question is “great,” then we’re happy for you! And, if your answer is “not great,” then you know that we’re always available to address your concerns. Our team is full of skilled plumbers, from journeymen to master plumbers who can help diagnose problems, replace faulty components, and set things right for the months to come.

Now that we’re entering into the wintertime soon, it’s important to do a brief check of your plumbing system. Are things prepared to brace for the cold that’s inevitably coming our way? Our team can help with this if you’d like to schedule a plumbing maintenance appointment, but the truth is that a lot of this can be done yourself. As long as you’ve got eyes, ears, and a notepad in front of you, you can design your own checklist to help your plumbing in Lloydminster, SK!

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Do You Need a Backflow Preventer?

Monday, February 14th, 2022

One thing that we don’t mention on this blog enough when it comes to emergency plumbing in Lloydminster, SK is contamination. This is a problem when wastewater, or contaminated water mixes with the freshwater that’s supposed to come into your house through your main water line. Though contamination can happen for a number of reasons, it should never be allowed to happen without quick alleviation from a professional plumber.

One way to stop contamination from happening before it starts is with a backflow preventer. In this blog post, we’ll be going into detail about these nifty little components, how they work, and why your home might be able to use one.

Just remember that contamination should never be taken lightly. It can quickly lead to household or community-wide illnesses and your health should always be treated with a high degree of seriousness. Our team can help if you need emergency plumbing care to alleviate contamination.

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Are Your Frozen Pipes Starting to Thaw?

Monday, March 15th, 2021

If you haven’t given your frozen pipes a thawt since the colder days, then you might want to. Pardon our cheesy humor, but it’s important to remember that those frozen pipes will thaw and they’re going to start leaking water from where there was ice. What can you do?

Well, when it comes to plumbing in Vermilion, AB, you can always call our team. They don’t call us Lloydminster’s plumbing and heating authority for no reason! But also, while you wait for our plumbers to arrive and fix your new problem, there are a few things you can do to mitigate damage and keep your home safe.

Remember—burst pipes can start leaking a lot of water depending on the size of the rupture. It’s important to survey the damage so you’re prepared for what’s to come and so that you’re not surprised by any new problems ahead.

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A Good Relationship with Your Plumber Is Important!

Monday, March 1st, 2021

How many people do you let into your home on a yearly basis that you don’t like, or have serious problems with? Sure, maybe you’ve got a family member that’s a little hard to get used to, or a friend that’s rough around the edges, but your home is your sanctuary. You should actually like the people the go there and perform work that you need.

A plumber is no different. If you’re catching yourself groaning every time you call for plumbing service in Kiscoty, AB then you’re doing something wrong. Or, if you think that a smart or technical-minded plumber is going to be mean, dishonest, and obnoxious, then you’re also wrong. There are seasoned plumbers who are great to get along with, like the ones on our team!

Let’s talk about some of the benefits you get when you work with a plumber that you actually like while forming a lasting relationship.

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Don’t Let Your Pipes Freeze, Rupture, and Burst

Monday, February 1st, 2021

Things get cold here in Lloydminster this time of year. We’re not exaggerating, and anyone who thinks there’s nothing wrong with a little dip in temperature clearly hasn’t dealt with burst pipes this year. As temperatures drop, the water in your plumbing system could start to freeze up. Especially pipes that are on the outside of your home, they run the risk of freezing, expanding, and rupturing your pipes.

But wait, that’s not the end of it. Rupture pipes could then start profusely leaking water as warmer temperatures hit and the ice thaws, so this kind of problem is really two problems in one! That’s why it’s so important we talk to homeowners about preventing this kind of issue.

Take it from the experts on plumbing in Lloydminster, we know exactly how you can prevent frozen pipes and everything that comes with it. Just make sure you call us if you think your pipes are starting to freeze and you’d like to deal with them head-on.

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3 Plumbing Upgrades You Should Invest In

Monday, January 4th, 2021

Happy New Year! We hope you’re enjoying some well deserved time with your friends, family, or virtual neighbors this year while we welcome 2021 with open arms. Hey, we know that this past year has been kind of different, but shouldn’t you be thinking about a new years resolution? Remember those?

Well, have no fear, your Guardian plumber is here! We’d like to make the case that your new year’s resolution should have something to do with your plumbing system. They often go neglected until something goes wrong and then you end up paying all the money you had saved up for a vacation on a pipe repair.

How about investing in these three upgrades, so that your plumbing in Maidstone, SK stays in great shape? We promise that when next year rolls around, no matter how bad or good 2021 is, you’ll be thanking us for the advice.

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Could You Use a Backflow Preventer?

Monday, November 9th, 2020

Backflow is one of the worst things a homeowner can experience. Imagine you’re trying to take a bath, and after you’ve filled the tub up with fresh water on your relaxing day off, it begins to fill with water that comes from the opposite direction. That’s what we call backflow, when water flows backwards from the direction it should be going. It’s unsanitary, unsafe, uncomfortable, and it makes everyone unhappy.

Luckily, there are answers out there to this kind of problem. As your local experts on plumbing installations in Lloydminster, SK, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to talk about how a backflow preventer works and how we can help you get this component in your plumbing system.

Preventative work is always a good call, and when it comes to the safety and security of your plumbing system, a backflow preventer can be an amazing way to keep things in good shape for years to come.

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Professional Plumbing: What’s the Difference?

Monday, September 21st, 2020

When confronted with a plumbing problem, you’re given three options. The first option is to ignore the issue and keep trying to go on with your normal life, which never really works out well. The second option is to call your local handyman or neighborhood amateur plumber to see if they’ll repair it on the cheap. The third option is to call a licensed, professional plumber with competitive pricing from a plumbing company. Which option do you choose?

Well, let’s scratch the first option out first. Neglecting your plumbing is never a good idea, regardless of what’s wrong. Here, we’d like to talk about why contacting a professional to take care of your plumbing in Lloydminster is always a better idea than your local handyman.

Don’t believe us? Let us get into detail about it below and we promise you’ll think differently.

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Chemical Drain Cleaners: We Don’t Like Them, and Neither Should You!

Tuesday, September 1st, 2020

How do you like itching your eyes and nose while suffering from a sore throat every time you enter the bathroom? Or, perhaps you’re a fan of smelling a bleach-like scent waft up from your kitchen sink while you try to cook a delicious dinner? We get it, all of those scenarios sound awful—so let’s work hard to avoid them.

Chemical drain cleaners are a terrible solution for a problem that we encounter regularly. As your neighborhood plumber in Lloydminster, the only thing on the forefront of our minds is the health and well being of your plumbing system. Chemical drain cleaners are a hazardous solution to a problem they don’t even fix half the time.

Keep reading as we go into serious detail about the ramifications of utilizing these chemicals and what you can do instead.

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