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One Neat Trick to Avoid a Frozen Furnace

When temperatures drop very low, sometimes it can be a wonder that our furnace systems are working down in our basements or crawlspaces. Especially when temperatures drop to record lows, it almost feels like a miracle that this box in the basement is working hard to keep your home comfortable and efficient.

But what if it stops working? Is that something you should be worried about? A furnace breakdown is indeed a possibility, but there are a lot of things that have to go wrong before it gets to that point. Even when your furnace breaks down or freezes up, you can rely on us for furnace repair in Lloydminster to get it up and running again.

In the case of an extremely cold basement, how do we make sure that your furnace doesn’t get caught in the cold and freeze up, causing the rest of your home to get too cold? We’ve got one surprising solution that only a professional would know how to implement.

Noises, Uncomfortable Temperatures, and Breakdowns

Look, first we want to talk about the elephant in the room. This isn’t going to be a blog where we tell you that a loud noise, poor temperature control, or a breakdown isn’t a serious problem. It is! The moment you encounter this kind of issue, you’re going to need to schedule repairs with a professional. We know it’s hard, especially at this time of year, but it’s the right thing to do.

However, once that’s scheduled and the damage has been evaluated, now we can talk about some other issues that you might run into.

“Why Doesn’t My Furnace Freeze Up?”

When temperatures get very cold, it can be easy to think that your furnace is going to freeze up. After all, your basement is the lowest point in your house and often the area that gets the smallest amount of heat. There are no vents down there!

So, how do we make sure your furnace doesn’t freeze up and is it a real concern?

Making Sure the Furnace Doesn’t Freeze

One nifty thing that HVAC specialists can do is leave a gap in the exiting air duct that leads out of the furnace system. No, this isn’t an accident, it’s actually there on purpose.

This little gap can allow just enough heat to squeeze out when the furnace starts working so that the space around it and the air in your basement are heated enough to stop the system from freezing up. It’s a great way to ensure that your basement doesn’t get so cold that things start to fall apart and freeze.

A Frozen Furnace Is a Big Problem

If you’re noticing that your furnace is frigid to the touch and there’s a light amount of frost around the system, then you’ve got a problem. Check out the rest of your basement, finished or unfinished, and see if it’s just too cold to be comfortable. If it looks like frigid temperatures are everywhere in your basement, then your furnace has the potential to freeze up and break down. We’d recommend calling a professional to address this quickly.

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