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Getting Your Heater Out of Hibernation

Here in Lloydminster, heating is going to be an important part of our daily lives when temperatures begin to drop. We know it’s been easy not to think about it with our warm temperatures and sunny days, but we promise those temperatures will change drastically in the coming months. This is the opportune time to take out your heater and test it to see if it’s working properly.

Today, we’re going to talk about some of the best practices you can learn for your heating in Lloydminster. Regardless of whether you use a heat pump or a furnace to keep your home warm during the winter, we’ve got some tips that can help you take it out of hibernation and get it working before things get too cold.

Don’t forget to call us if you encounter any problems with your heater. Our team is experienced and licensed to fix any and all heating problems.

Our Guide for Proper Heater Performance

In order for your heater to work properly when you take it out of retirement, you need to treat it with respect. That includes doing things like cleaning around the system, changing the air filter, scheduling maintenance, doing a thorough inspection to ensure your vents aren’t covered with carpet or furniture, and so on.

We aren’t talking about these kinds of things to nag you—we’re trying to help your heater last as long as possible. When you begin to neglect your heating system, you’re setting yourself up for expensive repairs and an early replacement that can break the bank.

Heating Best Practices

Take a look below to make sure you treat your heater well when you take it out of retirement.

  • Clean around the system. Your heater takes in a lot of air through the vents in your home. Especially if you use a furnace, you’ll want to remove any flammable materials from the immediate vicinity of your system. Keep things dusted and clear around your furnace to be safe.
  • Replace the air filter. With a clogged air filter, your system will begin to suffocate. It won’t be able to take in enough clean air and it will consume more energy or gas, while also stressing certain components. Clean out the filter at the beginning of the season to ensure you get maximum efficiency.
  • Inspect the vents. If your air vents are covered by either carpet, furniture, or storage, then you’ll probably feel colder even though your heater is working hard to change that. Allow the air to flow more easily from your heater by making sure your vents are clear.
  • Schedule maintenance. Maintenance is one of the most important services you can schedule for your heating system. Fall is the perfect time to schedule this because temperatures aren’t unbearable yet and our schedules are still relatively open. Getting maintenance ensures your heater runs efficiently, effectively, and with less frequent repair needs.

If you’re unsure as to whether your heater will be able to stand the cold temperatures of Lloydminster this year, then be sure to call us. We can make targeted repairs on your system or discuss a replacement option that will easily keep you and your family warm.

Call Guardian Plumbing & Heating Ltd. for comprehensive heating care today.

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