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When Do You Need to Replace Your Old Boiler?

This is a tricky question. We know that homeowners don’t have an unlimited amount of money to spend on their heating system, so making the right call for your unique situation is the most important part of this equation.

While many homeowners will run their boilers for several decades, the truth is that most boiler systems aren’t built to last more than 20 years. And what makes things worse is that a boiler physically can run for a long time, but it might not be running as efficiently as it should be. This means that the longer you run your boiler past its expiration date, the more money you’re wasting on repairs and high utility bills.

Our team is all about providing heating installations in Blackfoot, AB that will provide the best cost-savings for the long term. So, let’s figure out if you have a boiler that needs to be replaced.

1. When Your System Is Old

Like we said in the introduction to this blog post, boilers are only designed to last about 20 years maximum. Sure, it’s possible that your boiler is older than that and still working hard to heat your home, but it might be running on borrowed time.

A professional technician will always advise replacing a boiler that’s this old.

2. When Your Boiler Frequently Needs Repairs

A boiler that’s constantly leaking or running into problems is in need of dire help. Most often, that help will be completely replacing the system and starting with a clean slate.

When we say frequent repairs, we mean yearly, or even one repair every two years is probably too much. Take a look at how expensive your repair bills are as well, and you might notice that it’s costing more to keep your old boiler than it would be to replace it!

3. When Your Boiler Is Inefficient

How high are your monthly heating bills? If you’re running into constantly inefficient heating bills, or a boiler that’s not running as efficiently as it used to, then that can be a major sign that you need a boiler replacement.

A replacement is a great way to reset your efficiency levels and use new technology to conquer your carbon footprint. Get set up with a high efficiency new boiler system today and start 2022 off on the right track!

4. When Your Boiler Doesn’t Keep You Comfortable

One of the huge advantages of a radiant heating system like a boiler is the fact that it radiates heat through objects to make homes feel more comfortable. This is often looked at as a preferable way to heat a home, since it reminds homeowners of the feeling they get when they soak up the sun outdoors during the summer. The radiant heat from the sun’s rays is very similar to the radiant heat that comes from a boiler system.

Unfortunately, if your boiler isn’t working properly or has reached the extent of its lifespan, it’s not going to make you feel as comfortable as it used to. This is a good reason to get your boiler replaced.

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