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24 Hour Emergency Service Available


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Does Your Water Heater Need Help?

We’re not talking about giving your water heater a pack on the back. And no, telling your water heater “come on buddy, you can do it,” is not going to help. When we talk about water heater help, we’re talking about either maintenance or targeted repairs that are meant to fix the system and address problems you’ve been experiencing.

Do you have a noticeable lack of hot water in your home? How about a lack of water pressure or a leak coming from your water heater? These are all problems that require the help of a professional. You’re never going to resolve them by hoping or wishing that your system performs better.

Luckily, when it comes to water heater repair in Lloydminster, we’re the experts. We can get to the bottom of your water heater issue and make sure you’re set up for success.

Technical Problems for Technical Experts

When a water heater starts having issues, it’s up to homeowners to give our team a call. Homeowners that just “deal” with their water heater problems and just call it a new normal are actively neglecting them. So, pay close attention to some of these problems and see if they apply to you.

  • No hot water. This is the first and most obvious problem with a water heater. If your water heating system isn’t providing enough hot water to your home, let alone any hot water, then there’s a problem. Don’t just assume that your family is different and that you don’t need as much hot water—different sized water tanks and tankless water heating systems are available for those who need an alternative solution.
  • Low water pressure. Low water pressure can be a sign that there’s a problem with your water heater, or plumbing in general. Test out and see if it’s all your faucets or just one. Is it cold water too or just hot water? When you can pinpoint the specifics of the issue, you make it easier for a professional to get to the bottom of it.
  • Leaks. Pipes aren’t the only thing that can leak. Your water heater can corrode to the point of leaking itself, and that could spell disaster for your basement or crawlspace. Make sure you call for professionals as soon as you notice signs of a leak.
  • Strange noises. Do you hear any noises coming from your water heater? Either a knocking, hissing, or humming? Perhaps something different? The truth is that your water heater should not be making any noises. If it is, there’s probably a problem that needs to be addressed. Better safe than sorry—call a pro to have it addressed.

Call the Experts

Water heaters are vital to our everyday lives. Without a water heater, your quality of life drops. Hot showers, clean dishes, clean clothes, warm baths, all of these are thanks to our trustworthy water heaters. Make sure you adhere to the signs that there’s a problem and call the right team of professionals to have your system fixed.

Call us at Guardian Plumbing & Heating Ltd. for targeted water heater repairs. Lloydminser’s Plumbing and Heating Authority.

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