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24 Hour Emergency Service Available


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Deal with the Cold Using Our Help!

Temperatures are plummeting. It’s been an exceptionally warm year, but that was bound to change eventually. Heaters are being used on full blast these days and it’s up to you to ensure your home gets the comfort and efficiency you want.

Sure, you can ignore the heater problems that are constantly giving you headaches. Maybe your heater has another few years left in it if you ignore any noises or higher heating bills as they come. You could just say goodbye to your old system and invest in the cheapest heater installation in Lashburn, SK. Though, these are far from the most economical solutions to choose from.

Let’s talk about why our team does what it does and has the price tag you see on our website. We want to make the case that there’s nobody better to choose for your next heater installation than us.

How Can We Help?

So let’s say your system is about to go and you need help with heating services. The voices inside your head, as well as the voices in reality and on the internet, are telling you to get the cheapest but best piece of equipment you can. You’ve probably seen enough DIY tutorials online to know that you can probably set up your heating system without a hitch if you have the right tools, right? It doesn’t sound that bad.

The truth is that all of these sentiments, while understandable, are a recipe for disaster. There is an extraordinarily high likelihood of something going seriously wrong if you try to set up your heating system yourself, let alone if you buy the cheapest model on the market. When it comes to heating, just like air conditioning, cars, homes, and technology, you get what you pay for.

Our Company Values

We can help because our company is designed to help homeowners like you. We keep our services, like heater installation, as affordable as possible to ensure that we can stay in business while providing a necessary service for homeowners in need. Practically everything we do, from the expensive equipment we use, to the training we regularly undergo, is designed to save you money. Pretty cool, huh?

DIY tutorials might be all the rage these days, but they are absolutely not a replacement for old fashioned craftsmanship. Our team specializes in maximizing efficiency and longevity, so you pay as little as possible over time for your heating system. Sure, the price tag might be higher than it would be if you installed it yourself, or installed it with the help of a family member—but you’re not voiding any warranties, and you’re guaranteeing yourself a safe and secure home down the line for years to come.

Choose Carefully and Don’t Stress

Take a look at some of the types of heaters we offer. All of our installation services are all-encompassing and we stay late after the job is done so we can ensure you’re satisfied with the comfort levels of your system. Why not take today to refocus on value over price, and spend a little bit more money today on licensed and certified professionals, so you can save a lot of money in the future.

Call Guardian Plumbing & Heating Ltd. for comprehensive heater care. Lloydminster’s Plumbing and Heating Authority.

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