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It’s Time to Repair Your Grain Dryer

We don’t talk about grain dryers enough on this blog, so we’re going to hopefully start changing that by addressing something that’s big in our area. Grain dryer repair in Lashburn, SK is a service we provide for the many farmers that need it. If you run into any problems, like a chemical reaction on your dryer’s steel or a problem with insects ruining the interior of the dryer, we can be the team to help.

So, if you’ve been staving off repairs because you just don’t know the exent of the damage yet—we’re here to change that. Getting our team to quickly address your grain dryer’s issues can be the difference between an inexpensive repair now, and a huge bill down the line for grain dryer replacement.

Let’s break down the different types of issues a grain dryer can run into, and what we can do specifically to help!

Common Grain Dryer Problems

The most important thing we are going to approach today are the different types of problems that can occur in a grain dryer. If any of these problems sound familiar, or you’ve had experience with them in the past, make sure you call us to have them targeted and repaired. None of these problems should seem “normal” enough to warrant ignoring them.

Too Much Moisture

Your grain dryer is supposed to dry the grain, not keep it moist, right? Moist grain will spoil and cause mold growth, which is the opposite of what your grain dryer is intended to do. So, make sure you check the moisture content of the grain that comes from the dryer. If it feels wet or damp, then there’s something wrong with the dryer and it needs to be repaired.

This can be for a whole bunch of different reasons. There could be a lack of heat or problem with the air flow in the system which is causing certain areas to not dry properly. Or perhaps there’s something else wrong. Either way, our professionals can get to the bottom of it.

Too Much Heat

Now, you might not think this is a problem since your grain dries better than ever with a lot of heat, but we’d beg to differ. Grain that’s too hot can deteriorate at a rapid rate than grain kept at a nominal heat. If your grain dryer is working too well and essentially cooking the grain that it has contained within it, then there’s clearly something wrong and you need a professional to address the issue when you can.

Rust, Chemical Reactions, or a Breakdown of the Grain Dryer

Grain dryers can sometimes deal with an excessive amount of moisture, acidity, or other chemicals that exist in the water and air. This can cause a quick deterioration of the materials that make up the grain dryer system. While they’re built to withstand these kinds of elements, they’re really not going to last long if you forgo professional repairs by a team that knows what they’re doing. If you suspect anything is wrong with the metal or exterior components of the grain dryer, call us as soon as possible.

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