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A Guide to Holiday Drain Care

It’s November, which means we’re all getting ready to have family over for some feasting and gift-giving in the next few months. For a season that’s all about food and sharing with others, it can be hard for homeowners who have drains that are in rough shape. Many of our customers can get some understandable anxiety when they start worrying about whether or not their kitchen drains can make it through the end of the month.

Well, fear not. We’ll be the team that provides plumbing services in Vermillion, AB throughout the next few months. If you’ve got a precarious situation with your drains, we can help.

However, if you’re not sure as to what can go wrong with your drains and why you might need plumbing services from a professional, then this blog is for you. Here are a few tips and things to avoid when going into this holiday season with your drains at the forefront of your mind!

Avoid Harmful Things Going Down the Drain

You’re going to have a lot of people over to your house presumably, which means you need to be prepared for people who might try to flush things down the drain that don’t belong.

The first and easiest culprit that might end up down your drain are fats, oils, and greases, otherwise known in this industry as FOG. These materials might be a liquid when you’re cooking with them, but they’ll solidify when they’re poured down your drain and cooled off. Instead, take a paper towel and wipe down your cooking appliance of the fat, so you can throw it away.

Also, food waste and even toys from the little ones might end up in your drain. That’s why we want homeowners to be vigilant and employ tactics like the following.

Use a Mesh Screen

Mesh screens are great pieces of equipment for your drain. You can find one easily online, or you can probably grab one at your local hardware store. They stop contaminants like food waste, toys, utensils, and even rice from falling into your drain and causing problems down the line.

Mesh screens are the first line of defense against a clogged drain, and we advise any homeowner to use them!

Use Your Drain Snake and Plunger Correctly

If you’re going to use plumbing tools to help your drain when it does clog, we want to make sure you’re well-trained! Drain snakes and plungers are great pieces of equipment to have on hand, and they can be found at grocery or hardware stores.

  1. Plungers need to be accurately sized for the drain you’re using it on. Don’t use a toilet plunger for a sink drain.
  2. Drain snakes should be weaved carefully through your sink. They can take some time to really get at the clog.

Of course, these solutions are only temporary when you’re in an emergency situation.

Get Your Drains Professionally Cleaned Ahead of Time

The best, long-term solution for problematic drains is to get them professionally cleaned on a regular basis. Why not call our team before the holiday season arrives so we can use powerful equipment to quickly and effectively clean your drains and make sure your plumbing system is in good shape?

There’s a good reason why we’re called Lloydminster’s Plumbing and Heating Authority. Call Guardian Plumbing & Heating Ltd. today!

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