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Our New Home Plumbing Tips

While Canada’s housing market is starting to cool off to pre-pandemic levels, housing prices are still high. Depending on the area, you might still be struggling to purchase a home that’s worth living in with your family. While we can’t really help with this problem specifically, we can help alleviate some of the stress and other problems that might come with purchasing a home.

One trend that’s been occurring recently is the idea that you should skip a home inspection since it costs money and takes time. This is a terrible idea and one we’d like to discuss today from a plumbing perspective. Inspecting the plumbing system of a new home is vital for many important reasons, some of which might save you thousands of dollars in the near future.

Let’s talk about new home purchases, and how our plumbing service in Maidstone, SK can help.

Why Inspection Is Necessary

When you hire someone to perform a home inspection, or a plumbing inspection on a prospective house you’re looking to purchase, you get a full view of the condition that everything is in. These professionals are trained to detect specific issues, like lead pipes or leaking valves that could potentially cause hazards for your family and cost thousands of dollars to fix down the line.

We’re strong advocates for never skipping this kind of work because an inspection gives you knowledge, whereas skipping an inspection leaves you in the dark. Sure, you might be one step closer to purchasing what feels like a dream house without an inspection, but it might turn out that you don’t want that house after all is said and done because the plumbing system is in rough shape.

3 Problems to Look Out For

Here are three specific problems a plumbing inspection can detect when you’re looking at a new home purchase. These are actually quite common, and in many situations, they can be dealbreakers depending on how expensive they are to fix.

  • An old or outdated plumbing system. Many homes in our area were constructed in the 19th century, and even at the turn of the 20th century. This means that we still see lead pipes, galvanized steel, and other plumbing equipment that’s seriously outdated. This is important to consider because whole-house repiping can be expensive and necessary when things start to degrade beyond repair.
  • Signs of mold or leaks. When valves are excessively leaking, it can lead to mold growth and the deterioration of your home. This is an important sign to pick up on early, so you can either have it addressed before the home purchase, or plan on addressing it later.
  • An over-engineered plumbing system. This is something we see commonly. When homeowners don’t invest in professional plumbing, and instead call an amateur, they can have their plumbing system overengineered with cheap materials or practices that a pro would frown upon. If you suspect a home’s plumbing system is over-engineered, we urge you to call us.

It’s time to call “Lloydminster’s Plumbing and Heating Authority” today! Guardian Plumbing & Heating Ltd. has your back with any plumbing inspections or work that needs to be done.

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